There are no shortage of coastal Maine islands from which to choose for your next getaway. Close, remote, big, or small, there’s probably one to fit your needs, but until our most recent trip to Nebo Lodge on North Haven, we weren’t quite sure that we’d found that one to fit our own “quiet island, comfortable and stylish … more »

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On Sunday, Meredith and I were thinking that it’d be nice to change up our normal routine and maybe have lunch somewhere we hadn’t been in a while, so we loaded Orvis in the car and headed to Kittery. Our plans were to take Orvis for a short stroll around town (he can’t go too … more »

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Last week, we hinted at a number of changes happening around Map & Menu. We’ve updated our logo and are making adjustments to the site that will continue to roll out in the weeks to come, but the addition we’re easily the most excited about is the launch of our new print shop, Map & Menu Prints! … more »

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A guaranteed route to the top of Map & Menu’s favorite hotel list is one that includes the following: a well-executed sense of design and comfort, a friendly and helpful staff, delicious food, and the willingness to embrace our furry buddy, Orvis. Stowe’s Topnotch Resort checked off every one of those items, with extra emphasis on … more »

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Sometimes the most perfect of summer weekends are also the most simple of summer weekends. After a Friday afternoon spent window shopping – for actual windows – we rewarded ourselves with Duckfat milkshakes and grilled salmon on the patio. On Saturday, we finally made our way over to the new Tandem Bakery in the West … more »

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There are few things that Meredith and I love more than a delicious cocktail and our best buddy, Orvis. So naturally, now that our favorite bar in town, Portland Hunt + Alpine Club, has added a little bit of outdoor seating on Market Street, it only makes sense to take Orvis along for our happy … more »

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Meredith and I took last week off from Map & Menu in an attempt to try to pay attention to the beautiful days of summer while we still have them. Instead of evenings prepping photos and writing posts, we opted for home-cooked dinners on the patio and books in the hammock until the sun went … more »

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It seems like we’ve been popping in and out of k colette for beautiful gifts for others (and ourselves) since the day they appeared on Commercial Street, so when the opportunity arose to drop by before they opened one morning, take some photographs, and meet the team behind one of our favorite shops in Portland, we couldn’t resist. … more »

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On our recent trip to Scotland, Meredith and I spent a number of days exploring Skye – a place that both of us have desperately wanted to visit for as long as we’ve known each other. In all of our travels, I think it’s fair to say that the island is one of the most naturally … more »

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When my two London-based teammates and I were planning our next team meetup last January, Scotland seemed like a natural location… of course it didn’t hurt that both Meredith and I have wanted to visit the country for as long as we can remember! We worked from Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, for a week, eating, drinking, and exploring or … more »

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