Meredith and I often get asked by visiting Map & Menu readers, family, and friends what to eat in Portland, so inspired by the recurring ’10 Plates’ feature in Food & Wine and a delightful dinner in Kittery with a fellow food-crazed friend, we found ourselves talking about a few of our favorite dishes from around … more »

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As summer starts to reach its twilight, Meredith and I have begun to push to enjoy every free weekend moment possible. On Saturday morning, we switched things up a little bit and shared brunch at one of our favorite restaurants in town – Blue Spoon – before our Saturday morning farmer’s market tradition. Afterwards, we … more »

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Last week, we spent an amazing day on one of the most delightful places we’ve visited in Maine – Isle of Springs. Over the past few years, Meredith has had multiple photo shoots on and around the island, but until our friends from North Carolina, John and Emily, invited us to their family home on … more »

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A perfect pace for a lovely weekend. The two of us enjoyed a leisurely Saturday morning with a delicious Small Axe breakfast (this is quickly becoming our Saturday morning ‘thing’), and a trip to the farmer’s market where the fruits, vegetables, and flowers were a colorful delight. On Saturday evening, our already amazing meal with … more »

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Consider my arm twisted, but Meredith and I have spent the past couple of months compiling a list of some of our favorite lobster rolls in Maine. The task involved a number of miles in the car, a new found love for New England hotdog buns, a gracious amount of butter and mayo, and of … more »

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It’s insane to think that just over five years ago, Meredith and I graduated from school and started out, with our co-pilot Orvis, on this New England adventure to Maine. Since then, it’s been a total blur of weekend trips, rocky coastlines, delicious meals, beautiful summers, and snowy winters. We’ve been fortunate to set up shop … more »

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I can easily say that without a doubt, the Salt House Inn in Provincetown, MA, has been one of our favorite finds since we started Map & Menu. Never before have both Meredith and I been quite so taken with the detailed charm of a place, and just minutes after we arrived, we were already … more »

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A couple of weeks ago on our way to New York for Alt Summit, Meredith and I finally had the chance to stay at the Bedford Post Inn, easily one of the first places I ever remember Meredith telling me she wanted to visit. Why it took us so long to book a stay is … more »

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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it one thousand times… brunch is by far my favorite meal of any day. Heavy, filling, and unabashedly obvious in its ability to set any day straight (especially when accompanied by a good cup of coffee). Living in a town like Portland, there’s no shortage of places to … more »

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In the past couple of weeks, Meredith and I have been undertaking the extremely enjoyable challenge of trying as many of Portland’s food trucks as possible. While we missed a few (that we’ll be sure to add as time goes on), the ones we visited spelled out a bright future for the Portland food truck … more »

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