Furbish Studio

When mapping out my weekend in North Carolina a couple of weeks ago, I knew that there were two places in Raleigh I needed to visit before the wedding I was photographing – Chucks and Furbish Studio. I began following I Suwannee, the blog of Furbish Studio’s owner, Jamie Meares, a year or so ago around the time my friend, Jessica, began working at the studio. To hear Jessica talk about her work at Furbish is absolutely heartwarming – she couldn’t possibly love what she does or where she works an ounce more. Continue reading Furbish Studio

Sugar Tools

I popped into Sugar Tools for the first time one morning after wrapping up a quick photo shoot in Camden. The store’s ads in Maine Magazine always seem to catch my eye, so I couldn’t wait to kill some time in this darling little shop, just off the main street in one of my favorite towns in Maine. As you know by now, both Michael & I love a well-stocked home goods shop filled with interesting & inspiring objects. With its fun selection of products, displayed so wonderfully, Sugar Tools certainly fit the bill, and I fell in love with the shop almost instantaneously. Continue reading Sugar Tools