Breakfast at Hotel Fauchere

As Michael and I begin to plan our road trip to North Carolina  for the holiday season, I’m reminded of our last drive down South. Stopping for a night at Hotel Fauchère in Milford, PA, is our preferred way to break up the long journey. It’s a charming, dog-friendly establishment, with a great restaurant downstairs, but if you’ve read any of our posts about the hotel, you already know that the breakfast is easily what we look forward to the most during every stay. On this last trip of ours, we spent the night in Milford on the way down, but tried something entirely new on our return trip. Wanting to get on the road after attending our nephew’s afternoon birthday party, we knew that checking into Hotel Fauchère well after midnight was not the brightest of ideas, so instead, we opted to break up the trip by staying in a roadside hotel in Hagerstown, MD, and then woke up early the next morning to get back on the road in order to make it to our beloved Hotel Fauchère in time for the ultimate road trip breakfast.

We laughed with anticipation as we took the exit toward Milford that morning, eager for the meal to come. The taste of the homemade yogurt was fresh in our minds after the previous week’s stay, and we knew that this little excursion of ours was by no means necessary, but would prove to be more than worth the extra travel time. Having driven a couple of hours to get there, we took Orvis for a walk around town and stretched our legs before we sat down for breakfast on the porch. The staff had a good chuckle to hear that we were back only for breakfast and proceeded to bring us the usual spread – the famous yogurt and granola, a couple of scones, and a pair of brûléed grapefruits. I think it’s fair to say that it’s hard to imagine finding a tastier roadside meal, no?

Afterwards, we took another walk with Orvis and even had a chance to stop by our favorite shop in town, Upriver Home. When we returned to the car, it felt like we were just starting our drive for the day – an invaluable feeling for such a long trip, even if it was far from true. Stopping at a lovely inn for a leisurely breakfast is hardly something most people think to treat themselves to, but we found it to be a worthy excursion, not only for our stomachs, but also for our minds.

Has anyone ever done something similar? We’d love to hear any road trip rituals or ideas on how you all break up long drives in the comments below! Also, in case anyone is wondering, we almost always book our stays at Hotel Fauchère through Jetsetter, as it tends to come up for sale on the travel flash sale site every few months. Keep an eye on Jetsetter and similar sites, they have proven to be such valuable travel resources for us!

Hotel Fauchere Porch

Hotel Fauchere Breakfast

Dog Friendly Hotel Fauchere

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Petite Jacqueline Happy Hour

Before we officially welcome fall, we just couldn’t let summer go by without one last nod to our love for rosé season with our second Drinks with Orvis post.

During one of the warmest weeks this summer, we cut out of work a little early to go enjoy a drink on one of our favorite outdoor patios in Portland – Petite Jacqueline. We love taking Orvis along to meals in Longfellow Square – he’s happy as can be people watching in the square… that is until our food comes and he starts begging.

As it turns out, hot temperatures don’t stand a chance against a carafe of rosé and a tasty cheese plate on a shaded patio in the summer, and the fact that Orvis was there alongside us made the afternoon even better!

Tell us, where do you like to drink/eat with your pup? We’d love suggestions for any city!

Petite Jacqueline Portland Maine

Drinks with Orvis

Petite Jacqueline Maine

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Kingston Wine Co. NY

It’s safe to say that just about whenever we’re traveling to a new area, I always try and pop in the local wine shop. I love seeing which wines catch the attention of various shop owners around the country and am always excited to try a new bottle (or four.) Of all the random wine shops I’ve visited on our travels, however, I’ve only really ever sought out one as a destination – Kingston Wine Co.

While driving north from New York City a few weeks ago to visit my friends in Hudson, I decided a stop in Kingston was an absolute must. I’d read about Kingston Wine Co. on the Ann Street Studio blog awhile back, and had always mentally bookmarked it as a place to visit on one of our trips to Hudson. The opening of our friends’ shop seemed like the perfect excuse for me to finally stop in and pick up a celebratory bottle!

Michael, who owns the shop with his wife, Theresa, a talented artist, was delightfully helpful. After listening to me describe our friends, their personalities, and their all-natural perfumery, he hand-selected a bottle of wine (from a case in the back) that he thought would be perfect for them. Michael was right, of course – a text last week from them let me know how much they enjoyed the wine as a part of their birthday celebration.

The bottles I grabbed for my Michael and I to enjoy at home were chosen thanks to the well-branded Kingston Wine Co. recommended tags. How could one ignore suggestions like “Sancerre + Goat Cheese + Baguette = Perfection?”

In the 30 minutes I spent in the shop, I saw a dozen or so people walk inside, all of whom were just as pleased to be chatting with Michael or selecting their own special bottle of wine. It became immediately apparent just how much of a community Michael and Theresa have created within Kingston Wine Co., a shop that is without a doubt worthy of planning your own detour to Kingston the next time you’re in the area.

Kingston Wine Co. NY

Kingston Wine Co. NY

Kingston Wine Co. NY

Kingston Wine Co. NY

Kingston Wine Co. NY

Kingston Wine Co. NY

Kingston Wine Co. NY

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Portland Hunt & Alpine Club

There are few things that Meredith and I love more than a delicious cocktail and our best buddy, Orvis. So naturally, now that our favorite bar in town, Portland Hunt + Alpine Club, has added a little bit of outdoor seating on Market Street, it only makes sense to take Orvis along for our happy hour treats! On our most recent visit, we tried the pretzels and a couple open-faced sandwiches in addition to our normal deviled egg noshing order, and combined with a few tasty cocktails (and a bowl of water for Orvis), spent a perfect afternoon soaking up summer in the Old Port.

And if you missed it last week, it’s worth nothing that Bon Appetit selected Hunt + Alpine as one of their top five new bars in the country, complete with a photo of Meredith’s in the September issue. We clearly couldn’t agree with this assessment anymore!

Portland Hunt & Alpine Club

Portland Hunt & Alpine Club

Portland Hunt & Alpine Club

Portland Hunt & Alpine Club

Portland Hunt & Alpine Club

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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The Three Chimneys Skye

Unlike many trips Michael and I take, our time in the Scottish Highlands didn’t quite revolve around food. Trying restaurants that we’ve read about is a huge part of the way we travel (see February’s trip to Charleston), but with Scotland we were more focused on experiencing the natural beauty and sights of the countryside. Outside of our meals in Edinburgh, many of the pubs or restaurants we happened upon were nothing extraordinary, which, combined with the plethora or gorgeous public areas, actually inspired us to have a few more picnic meals than we usually do. All of that being said, there was one meal, however, on Skye that we were really looking forward to – our lunch at The Three Chimneys.

We’d read about The Three Chimneys in both our Where Chefs Eat book and our copy of the NY Times 36 Hours in Europe, and after our deliciously memorable lunch there, we can easily see why the restaurant is consistently named by many esteemed food writers and respected publications as one of the world’s best restaurants. The setting – an old stone crofter’s cottage overlooking Loch Dunvegan – is idyllic, and the food – sourced primarily from the island and the surrounding Highlands – is nothing short of excellent.

The three course lunch menu allowed us to sample a variety of the restaurant’s modern Scottish fare. Michael opted to start with the Ham & Haddie Terrine with cucumber, apple, sorrel, and herring roe, while I began with the Russian Salad with roasted candy beetroot, asparagus, mustard leaf, and seeded praline. Up next – the Blade and Tongue of Black Isle Beef with puy lentils, celeriac remoulade, ramsons, and pickles for Michael, and the River Esk Sea Trout with anna potato, peas, radish leaf, and choron sauce. Our meal could have concluded here and we would have left the restaurant more than delighted, but thankfully we still had dessert! We shared bites of both the famed Hot Marmalade Pudding with Drambuie custard and the Dark Chocolate & Stem Ginger Ganache with malt ice cream. As we finished the final bites of our dessert course, we grinned in simultaneous conclusion that this truly was one of those once in a lifetime meals – one that we surely won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Three Chimneys Skye

Three Chimneys Isle of Skye

The Three Chimneys Restaurant Sk

The Three Chimneys Lunch

River Esk Sea Trout Three Chimneys

The Three Chimneys Restaurant

The Three Chimneys Restaurant Isle of Skye

Three Chimneys Marmalade Pudding

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Blue Pig Croton on the Hudson

I was tickled to get to share one of my favorite ice cream shops, The Blue Pig, with my mother on our way back from New York City last week. Just like Michael and I did on our last trip down to NY, we stopped at The Blue Pig for a bite to eat after picking up our car at the nearby Croton Harmon train station. (Fellow New Englanders, this is our preferred way to get into the city – the drive is easy, the train ride is relaxing, and some of the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted is literally right on the way to the train station. A win-win, if you ask me.)

After debating the dozens of flavors that all sounded delicious, we each settled on a cup of Butterfinger Coconut, which was just as tasty and creamy as last summer’s Rooftop Strawberry! For me, the highlight of our quick stop at The Blue Pig was just noting how comfortable it felt to return almost a year after our last visit. There was this delightful sense of familiarity upon walking through the door – similar to the feeling that Michael and I get when checking into our dear Hotel Fauchere on our frequent road trips to North Carolina. There’s something so satisfying about reacquainting oneself with a familiar place while traveling – whether it’s a special restaurant, a beloved inn, or a favorite pastime – there’s just something wonderful about the comfort of returning to a place and reliving past memories.

Leaving The Blue Pig, I was again reminded of how thankful Michael and I are to write this blog, mainly because it has introduced us to some of the most amazing businesses, experiences, and people, and we truly look forward to sharing them all with you. We’re curious – are there any spots you like to revisit while traveling? A friend of mine always stops at the exact same diner on the way home from visiting her family. It started as a way to break up the long drive, but now they cannot imagine making the trip without stopping. I love it!

Blue Pig Ice Cream

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Table on Ten Room Details

After reading about Table on Ten, a three room inn & restaurant in Bloomville, New York, on Designtripper last year, I mentally bookmarked it and hoped I’d have an excuse to stay and/or eat at what appeared to be a charming Catskills getaway at some point in the near future. A wedding in Cooperstown this past weekend, just an hour north of Bloomville, seemed like the perfect excuse and a pretty great way to break up at least one leg of my trip to New York.

Five hours after departing Maine, I arrived to a bustling scene – every table in the downstairs cafe was filled for Table on Ten’s Pizza Night. I quickly checked into my room and made my way back downstairs to join the crowd for some delicious pizza. The evening’s special, a fennel and spring vegetable pizza with eggs on top and a glass of wine was precisely what I needed after my drive. The food more than lived up to what I’d been looking forward to for about a year now, and from what I heard from the other patrons in the lively cafe (the line was nearly out the door when I retired to my room for the evening), they were just as pleased with their pizzas.

I loved the simple, rustic aesthetic of the entire property, especially the room where I stayed. The dark walls and contrasting accents were a dream to photograph, simply because they’re so different from many of the places we visit. Each of the three rooms at Table on Ten feature a handmade bed that deservedly end up being the room’s focal point. I was a little hesitant about the idea of sharing a bathroom with the other suite on the second floor, but as luck would have it, I was the only guest on that floor, so there was no need to share. Even if the other suite had been occupied, I think it only would have further reinforced the feeling I had throughout my entire stay – that I was a guest in the well designed home of a friend who just so happened to be a talented chef! (In case you’re wondering, the third floor attic has its own bathroom, complete with an en-suite clawfoot tub.) The following morning I enjoyed a delicious breakfast that put me in the perfect mindset for a day of shooting – a final touch to a great stay.

If you find yourself in the Northwestern Catskills or if you just have a hankering to explore the bucolic region of Delaware County, do look into planning a stay or a meal at Table on Ten – it’s a uniquely lovely experience that shouldn’t be missed!

Table on Ten Bloomville NY

Table on Ten Getaway

Table on Ten Room 1

Table on Ten Bathroom Photos

Table on Ten Bathroom

Table on Ten Pizza Night

Table on Ten Cafe

Table on Ten Bloomville

Table on Ten Cafe Bloomville

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Mint Julep

In the spirit of the upcoming Kentucky Derby and in celebration of all things spring, Michael and I thought it would be fun to share the recipe of one of our very favorite cocktails – The Mint Julep. The simple drink is a staple of our outdoor spring and summer living, and although there are a number of ways to make it, the main ingredients are always the same – mint, simple syrup, ice, and bourbon.

Out of all the recipes we’ve tried, we’ve found this one from Garden & Gun to be our favorite – simple, straightforward, and delicious!

Mint Julep (makes one drink)

8-10 mint leaves
3/4 oz. simple syrup
2 oz. of your favorite bourbon (ours is Woodford Reserve!)

Muddle the mint & simple syrup together. Add bourbon and top with ice. Shake and serve with a sprig of mint on top. (The julep cups aren’t required, but if you can get your hands on a couple, it sure does make drinking them a bit more fun!)

Mint Julep

Mint Julep

Mint Julep  Mint Julep   Mint Julep

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Durham NC

While I was in North Carolina for work last week, I had the opportunity to explore Durham with the help of my sister and brother-in-law, who live and work there. The unexpected highlight of the trip might have been the ride down the slide in American Underground – the co-working space where my brother-in-law has his office – but we also had the opportunity to visit some of my old favorites in Durham, while adding a few new ones to the mix. A family dinner at Nanataco, complete with margaritas and delicious nachos, followed by a Locopops strawberry cream dessert was the perfect way to spend our evening. Later in the week, MacKenzie and Philip took me to Dos Perros, and afterwards, we met our friend Em at The Parlour for ice cream – a place that’s been on our todo list for way too long. Michael and I are fortunate to visit the Durham area somewhat often, and always look forward to what new things our next trip will bring.

If you have a second this evening, today is the last day to vote for Map & Menu for Best Blog in the Portland Phoenix’s best of 2014 competition. We’d love if you take a moment to share your support!


Nanataco Nachos

Durham North Carolina

American Underground Slide

Locopops  The Parlour Durham NC

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Palace Diner Biddeford

Last week, Meredith and I made the quick trip down to Biddeford to try the newly reopened Palace Diner. There had been no shortage of buzz about the delicious food coming from Maine’s oldest diner car in the past weeks, and the social feeds of our friends in the food industry have been overflowing with pictures of heavenly glazed doughnuts and piled-high breakfast sandwiches, so when we finally found a little room on a random morning, we decided it was time to give Palace a try for ourselves.

Co-owners Chad Conley and Greg Mitchell have created something special in the old mill town. Taking one of the most classic of American dining styles and establishments, and then injecting an attention to detail and flavor completely foreign to the prefabricated diner world, it’s easy to see what all the fuss is about. The menu still has the diner staples holdover patrons have come to expect – pancakes, bacon, eggs, and coffee – but take one bite of the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Deluxe, an english muffin breakfast sandwich with baked eggs and jalapenos, and there’ll be no question about the value added by that extra care for ingredients and preparation. The Brown Butter Banana Bread, Palace Potatoes, and Tandem coffee are just further examples of this that we tried during our visit, but we’d be willing to bet that every menu item holds true to the same standard. After spending some time speaking with Chad and Greg, hearing about the adventure that opening a diner has provided, the passion for creating and serving their take on an American classic, and their excitement about the upcoming Palace dinners, we couldn’t be more impressed with what Palace is quite literally bringing to the table.

The vast majority of us probably have one memory or another about visiting that ‘locals only’ breakfast joint in our hometown as children, maybe that same hole-in-the-wall place every Saturday throughout college, or even that quick stop on the way to work these days. While stepping inside the 1920’s rail car in Biddeford does feel comfortable and familiar in that wonderful déjà vu way, we’re almost certain that your meal will completely redefine the way you look at a diner breakfast going forward.

Palace Diner Banana Bread

Palace Diner Biddeford Maine

Palace Diner Biddeford

Palace Diner Breakfast

Palace Diner Biddeford

Palace Diner Car

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