Farmhouse Pottery Woodstock VT

On our way back from a spectacular few days in Vermont’s Mad River Valley (so much to share soon), we passed through Woodstock to revisit parts of our post-wedding getaway. Our first stop was the beautiful Farmhouse Pottery studio and shop – always an absolute delight for your eyes – and as part of a new tradition for trips to Vermont, we picked up another piece to add to our growing collection. Afterwards, we walked Orvis through town to see how it looked in the winter while reliving memories of our fall visit. Vermont is becoming such a very special place to the three of us and we can’t wait for our next return to the state.

Woodstock Vermont Farmhouse Pottery

Farmhouse Pottery Vermont

Woodstock Vermont



Photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Winter in Maine

One of the best parts of all the snow we had this winter was the amount of time it afforded us to spend at my family’s farm in Wiscasset. While the farm is shut down for the season, it becomes our snowy getaway. A short drive up Route 1 and we’re settled in Wiscasset, ready for a weekend of cozy dinners by the fire, snacks from Treats, brunches at Crissy’s, and so much snowshoeing with Orvis on the farm and around the river. As the weather warms up and the melt begins, we love looking back at some of the memories made at the farm this season.

Wiscasset Woods

Michael Cain

Marianmade Farm Wiscasset

Wiscasset Maine

Mason and Orvis

Mason at Marianmade Farm

Dogs at Marianmade Farm

Skookum Collars

Frozen Sheepscot River ME

Sheepscot River Maine

Sheepscot River in Winter Maine

Orvis in Wiscasset

Frozen Sheepscot

Orvis Cain

Marianmade Farm

Orvis at the Farm

Photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Snowshoeing at Marianmade Farm

This weekend was a pleasant mixture of work and play. We spent most of Saturday re-plastering and repainting our upstairs bathroom, and then Sunday morning, after a filling breakfast of Michael’s delicious pancakes, we were right back at it.

Needing a little break from the work, we decided to head up to Wiscasset to go snowshoeing with Orvis on Sunday afternoon. Our friend, Julia, joined us and together we explored the land around my family’s farm, attempted (and failed) to make our own sledding trails, and swapped stories by the fireplace. Since Julia had run a race that morning, we made sure to bring along a special treat for her from Scratch – a cupcake inspired by the Samoa (or Caramel deLite if you’re like Michael) Girl Scout cookie!

Girl Scout Cookie Samoa Cupcake

Wiscasset Maine

Snow Tracks

Sheepscot River Maine

Snowshoeing in Maine


All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Buttermilk Pancakes

While seemingly the entirety of the blogging universe is in a post-New Year’s calorie-cutting frenzy, Meredith and I rocked this past weekend as we typically prefer to do – with good food and drink, and a few Orvis snuggles. After a dim sum brunch at Empire and a little wine perusing at Browne Trading Co. on Saturday, we spent a good chunk of the rest of the weekend in the kitchen, making new batches of sea salt chocolate chip cookies, buttermilk pancakes, chicken marbella, and buttermilk ice cream. With the changes we’ve been making to the kitchen and the warmth of the oven, it’s tough to drag ourselves to another room, but at least we were able to share some of our creations with friends at dinner last night.

Map and Menu Prints

Browne Trading Co

Empire Chinese Kitchen

Empire Chinese Kitchen

Sea Salt Chocoalte Chip Cookies  Orvis

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Bao Bao Dumpling House

We unintentionally ate our way through this past weekend, but I’d like to think it was just a decent warm-up for this week’s holiday feasting.

On Friday afternoon we snuck out of work for a cozy lunch at Bao Bao – our first visit to the new(ish) dumpling house in the West End. On Saturday, we made spritz cookies in the morning and then had friends over for an old favorite, shrimp & grits, followed by a very delicious bourbon pecan pie from Two Fat Cats. If that weren’t enough, we started Sunday with an incredible brunch from Central Provisions (more about that coming soon), and then a bit of half-hearted, overly-full Christmas shopping, before returning home to make a delicious (and light) ribollita from Green Kitchen Stories  for dinner.

This week, we’re looking forward to our traditional seafood and pierogi on Christmas Eve, coffee cake and ham sliders on Christmas, and plenty of sweets and deliciousness in between. Do you have any Christmas eating traditions you’d care to share?

Marble Backsplash and Blue Cabinets

Bao Bao Dumpling House Portland ME

Bao Bao Portland Maine

Spritz Cookies

Bourbon Pecan Pie Two Fat Cats Bakery

Central Provisions

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Fisherman's Point Elopement, Photo by Sarah Der

Over the course of the week Michael and I are going to be recapping some highlights of our 2014, and although sharing photos from our wedding, which was easily our favorite part of the year, would have been the perfect finale for this week’s ‘best of’ posts, we just love the images so much that we simply couldn’t wait until the end of the week. 

We were married by the sea on November 1st, the date of our ninth anniversary. A tiny wedding ceremony down near the water at Fisherman’s Point, a spot we love visiting with Orvis, has been a dream of ours since moving to and falling in love with the Willard Beach neighborhood years ago, and earlier this fall we decided together to make that dream a reality. We set the date for a mere three weeks away, and thus began our whirlwind month of October. For the most part, we kept our plans fairly quiet, sharing them only with our immediate families and a handful of friends, and in many ways, the privacy with which we approached our wedding day made the whole experience seem that much more exciting and romantic.

Orvis, looking quite dapper in his gingham bow tie, was our Best Man of Honor, a title he wore with great dignity and a little bit of mischief. Our longtime friend, Julia, and our talented photographer and friend, Sarah Der, were our witnesses. Having a friend who we’ve known for our entire time in Maine attend and another with such a talented eye documenting the day meant so very much to the two of us. We’ve known for years that we’d someday ask Julia’s father, Steve, to officiate our wedding. His thoughtfulness, taste, and the admirable relationship he has with his wife, whom we adore, were an inspiration to us on our wedding day. We decided to write our own vows to each other, something that I was incredibly nervous about until I finally sat down to do so the day before. Listening to the vows Michael wrote for me was easily my favorite part of this most perfect day, and the fact that we both included Orvis in our vows to one another is something that will make me smile for years to come. It would feel funny not to mention the nor’easter that blew in, just in time for our wedding day, but to be honest, with a little bit of flexibility and with all of the happiness, laughter, and tears, I don’t even really remember the weather from a large part of the day.

With the talents of some of our favorite friends, we were fortunate to incorporate other details that are meaningful to us as a couple. A framed, calligraphed marriage certificate – an unofficial one that includes Orvis as a witness – from Li hangs in our home and brings us such joy each time we see it. In lieu of a wedding cake, our favorite bakery, Scratch, created a wedding cookie cake for us – nine layers of the chocolate chunk pistachio sea salt cookie that we absolutely love. Our sweet friend, Alison, who’s been cutting both of our hair for many years now, made me feel simply beautiful. A floral designer I’ve worked with closely and admired over the years, Emily Carter, created the most stunning bouquet for me to hold and the most original and charming boutonniere for Michael to wear. Although not friends per se, the staff at Folia, where we found our wedding bands, made the experience one we’ll remember fondly. Our rings bring us so much happiness, they’ve found two lifelong clients in us.

For the post-ceremony celebration, we chose to honor both our past and present, by having drinks with friends at our very favorite bar, Hunt and Alpine, followed by a cozy dinner at Ribollita, the first place we visited as a couple in Maine. Coming full circle, just the two of us, seemed to be the perfect way to end the happiest day in our very full lives, and even though we chose to celebrate our marriage in the tiniest of ways, we felt an overwhelming amount of love and support from our incredible friends and family.

The photos that our amazingly talented photographer, Sarah Der, took for us were more than we could have ever imagined. Braving the rain and wind with the biggest smile on her face, she perfectly captured so many special moments from the day that we’ll cherish for years and years. We hope you enjoy these photographs as much as we do.

Michael Cain, Photo by Sarah Der

Michael Cain, Photo by Sarah Der

Photo by Sarah Der

Meredith Perdue, Photo by Sarah Der

Photo by Sarah Der

Wedding Dogs, Photo by Sarah Der

First Look


Emily Carter Floral Design, Photo by Sarah Der

Map and Menu Wedding,  Photo by Sarah Der

Map and Menu Wedding,  Photo by Sarah Der

Orvis and Meredith, Photo by Sarah Der

Meredith Perdue and Michael Cain, Photo by Sarah Der

Willard Beach, Photo by Sarah Der

Fisherman's Point, Photo by Sarah Der

Elopement by the Sea, Photo by Sarah Der

Fisherman's Point Wedding, Photo by Sarah Der


Elopement by the Sea, Photo by Sarah Der

Elopement at Fisherman's Point, Photo by Sarah Der

Emily Carter Floral Design, Photo by Sarah Der

Map and Menu Wedding, Photo by Sarah Der

Wedding Cookie Cake from Scratch Baking Co., Photo by Sarah Der

Julia, Photo by Sarah Der

Photo by Sarah Der

Li Ward Calligraphy, Photo by Sarah Der

Li Ward Calligraphy and Paloma's Nest,  Photo by Sarah Der

Elopement, Photo by Sarah Der

Cake Cutting, Photo by Sarah Der

Orvis, Photo by Sarah Der

Ceremony site: Fisherman’s Point. Photographer: Sarah Der. Flowers: Emily Carter. Hair & Makeup: Alison Bogannan. Calligraphed Marriage Certificate: Li Ward of Fat Orange Cat Studio. Wedding Cookie: Scratch Baking Co. Meredith’s Dress: J.Crew. Michael’s Suit: Joseph’s. Michael’s Tie: General Knot Co. Michael’s Shoes: Allen Edmonds. Orvis’s Tie: J.Crew. Rings: Folia. Earrings: Hyla DeWitt.

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Weston Farms Magnolia Wreaths

Owning a magnolia wreath from Weston Farms has been a holiday daydream of mine for a few years now, especially since I continue to see these stunning wreaths featured on the pages of our favorite Southern magazines each holiday season. So when our plans took us to Raleigh for the day during a recent trip down to North Carolina, I made returning to Maine with our very own magnolia wreath the highest of priorities.

On our way into the city, we visited the Weston Farms booth at the State Farmer’s Market, where we were able to see a sampling of the various freshly-cut magnolia wreaths (including this year’s Garden and Gun Tapestry pattern), garlands, and arrangements that Erin Weston and her team create. The magnolia from her family’s farm has been specially cultivated to produce shiny green leaves with soft dark brown backs throughout the tree – giving her wreaths a brilliant color contrast that allows them to age beautifully for years. At their market stand there are plenty of wreaths to choose from, but even if they run out (which I’m sure happens quite frequently), or if you’re looking for a slightly different pattern, they can always make wreaths to order, and even do a number of custom home trimming projects each year.

In the end, our mission was accomplished, and we couldn’t be happier with the classic magnolia wreath we selected. Letting the color of the magnolia do all of the work, it compliments our overall minimal aesthetic, and fits nicely atop our newly stained door on our simple little cape. It’s a fun nod to our southern roots, and has the added bonus of being largely unique on the streets of Maine… although since the farm ships all over the country, I can’t imagine it’ll stay that way for many more years.

Weston Farms Magnolia Wreaths

Weston Farms Magnolia Wreaths

Weston Farms Magnolia Wreaths

Weston Farms Wreaths

Weston Farms Magnolia Wreaths

Weston Farms Magnolia Wreaths

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Paloma's Nest Ornaments

In what I would consider a very quintessential December holiday weekend, Michael and I managed to squeeze quite a bit of festive fun into just a few days. On Friday evening we started out with drinks (and of course, the bread & butter!) at Central Provisions before heading up to the MECA holiday sale. It’s been really fun to watch that sale grow over the years and to see so many members of Portland’s community out supporting the school and the artists.

On Saturday morning we did some work around the house before venturing out into the rainy weather to take care of some holiday errands around the Old Port. We came home craving Christmas cookies, so we decided to whip up these delicious (and easy) Mexican wedding cookies to snack on while we watching Scrooged on Netflix. The majority of our Sunday was spent researching and shopping for a new refrigerator, which is very overwhelming and not nearly as exciting as it might sound. We did, however, manage to salvage what was mostly a meh day by breaking out our new Kitchenaid pasta attachment and trying our hands at rolling our very own farfalle with a tasty butternut squash sauce. It was the perfect meal to enjoy while watching my favorite holiday movie.

Central Provisions Maine

Mexican Wedding Cookies

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Blessing of the Hounds

Since moving to Maine over six years ago, Michael and I have always celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday by cooking a quiet meal for two or joining a few friends for dinner, knowing that we’d end up in North Carolina with our families during Christmas. This year, we decided to mix things up a bit and spend Thanksgiving down south, our first time doing so since college. Luckily our families only live an hour or so apart, so splitting time on holidays between the two isn’t too difficult. Our plan of attack – a Thanksgiving breakfast with my family in Southern Pines, followed by a turkey feast with Michael’s family in High Point that afternoon.

One of the best parts about waking up in my hometown on Thanksgiving morning was the opportunity to attend the annual Blessing of the Hounds for the first time. Michael and I had been wanting to experience the mock-fox hunt and opening meet of the Moore County Hounds, since reading about it in an issue of Our State. The weather was beautiful on Thanksgiving morning so we joined a large crowd at the Moss Foundation, eager to catch a glimpse of the hounds and horses in pursuit of the fox-scented drag. Even after the “hunt” was over, the fun continued as we kept running into old friends of ours.

Afterwards, we made our way back to my parents’ house to snap a few photos of our siblings, their families, and most importantly, the various family dogs. Our schedule was a little rushed since we were trying to fit quite a bit in before we needed to get on the road, but in hindsight I’m so grateful we were able to make it all work. Our Thanksgiving morning was filled with many happy (and delicious!) memories with so many people we care about, many of whom we don’t get to see nearly enough.

Blessing of the Hounds Southern Pines NC

Blessing of the Hounds Southern Pines

Blessing of the Hounds NC

Southern Pines Blessing of the Hounds

Michael and Rocky


Abby and Rocky


Southern Pines NC

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Cut Your Own Christmas Tree Maine

We returned late Saturday evening from another whirlwind trip to North Carolina, visiting our family and friends for Thanksgiving, and although exhausted from the sixteen hour drive, one of the first things we wanted to do on Sunday was to continue a tradition started three years ago – cutting down our Christmas tree from The Old Farm Christmas Place. Cutting down a Christmas tree always puts us in the mood for the holiday season, but this year’s visit felt even more festive since the farm was still coated in a layer of snow from the week before.

Michael and I began our search, weaving through row after row of available firs, hoping to find the perfect tree for our tiny living room. Thankfully we found the one, not too long after we began looking, and Michael made quick work with the saw. A short tractor ride down the hill later and we were tying our tree to the top of the Subaru, always the most nerve-racking part of the process.

There’s just something special about finding and cutting down your own tree that makes you appreciate the living room centerpiece that much more throughout the holidays. I couldn’t be more excited about winter drinks and good books, wrapped up in the cozy light of our Christmas tree.

For more photos of our first visit to The Old Farm Christmas Place, click here. 

Old Farm Christmas Place Cape Elizabeth Maine

Old Farm Christmas Place Cape Elizabeth Maine

Old Farm Christmas Place Cape Elizabeth Maine

Old Farm Christmas Place Cape Elizabeth Maine

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