2 Note Storefront

When our dear friends, Darcy & Carolyn, announced that they would be moving their shop from Portland to Hudson, NY, I don’t think any of us would have anticipated how much we’ve been able to see them since the move. Earlier this month I made my third trip of the summer down to Hudson for a shoot and had yet another remarkable time!

This blog post could more accurately be titled, “Dogs of Warren Street,” seeing as Finn, Enzo, and Hughie take up nearly half of the photos here – I simply couldn’t help myself. These three (and their humans, of course) were easily some of the highlights of my few days in Hudson.

Per usual, when I wasn’t shooting, I was either eating or exploring! It appears that no trip to Hudson for me is complete without a pain au chocolat from Cafe Le Perche, dinner at Hudson Food Studio, and ice cream from Lick – we visited all three spots in June, and I was thrilled to sample each one again this time around. It didn’t take me long to learn that lunch from Bruno’s is a Hudson-must, as is a visit to both Hudson Mercantile locations. A few other shops on Warren Street have opened since my last day trip in August, including Hawkins New York, an amazing design store where I easily could have spent the remainder of my day.

Of course, the real highlight of the trip was spending time with Darcy & Carolyn (and their dogs, clearly) and meeting the new friends they’ve made since moving to Hudson. The design and aesthetic of their new shop and home continue to impress me after each visit. We’re so lucky that these great friends of ours give us the perfect excuse to make repeat trips to the Hudson River Valley. Any guesses as to how many more times we make the trip before 2014 comes to an end? I’m holding out for at least one more!

Cafe Le Perche

Hudson New York



Hudson Food Studio

Hudson Food Studio

Hudson Food Studio

Hudson Food Studio






Hudson NY Shop

Hudson NY Shopping

Hudson NY Shops

Hudson NY

2 Note Perfumery

2 Note Perfumery Hudson

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Pimiento Cheese Crab Dip

Sometimes the most perfect of summer weekends are also the most simple of summer weekends.

After a Friday afternoon spent window shopping – for actual windows – we rewarded ourselves with Duckfat milkshakes and grilled salmon on the patio. On Saturday, we finally made our way over to the new Tandem Bakery in the West End – where the scones and sticky buns are dangerously delicious. After breakfast, we made a trip to the peak-season farmer’s market, and then over the course of the day, ended up at the beach three separate times with Orvis before the peaceful afternoon storms. Sunday, we started with a run and a swim, followed by a mid-morning treat from Scratch, and then capped off the day by trying multiple new recipes for dinner (and dessert) on the patio.

We intentionally didn’t make any big plans this past weekend, and although no single part seemed out of the ordinary, looking back it’s hard to think of a better way for that weekend to have turned out – simply perfect.

Scribe Wine


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Lavender at Marianmade Farm

On either side of a little work this weekend, our travels took us to two of our favorite farms – Snug Harbor Farm and my family’s lavender farm, Marianmade Farm. On Friday after a delicious brunch at Palace Diner, we decided to extend our morning of fun with a trip down to Snug Harbor to pick up a few new succulents. We’ve been to this darling farm/nursery/gift shop a half dozen times, but somehow we’ve always missed the miniature horses who live there. Needless to say, meeting them was the highlight of our trip!

On Sunday we took Orvis up to Wiscasset to run on the farm with his best dog friend, Mason. It was a delight to take in the beautiful sights & scents of the lavender that my mother is busy harvesting these days, and watching some evening showers roll down the property and across the Sheepscot river was a wonderfully peaceful way to cap our weekend.

Miniature Horses at Snug Harbor Farm

Snug Harbor Farm Miniature Horses

Snug Harbor Farm Succulents

Snug Harbor Farm Topiaries


Marianmade Farm Lavender

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Richard Estes at Portland Museum of Art

In a town of Portland’s size, it’s rare to have an art museum that is as well curated as the Portland Museum of Art. We find ourselves continually impressed with both the exhibitions and the events the museum sponsors. In the last month alone, we’ve been wowed by the photorealist paintings of Richard Estes and even had the chance to hear Alex Katz speak in person.

Coming off the heels of last night’s fantastic midsummer party with the museum’s Contemporaries group, we thought we’d share another PMA summer highlight – Third Thursdays. We attended last month’s Third Thursday garden party and took advantage of the museum’s extended hours by roaming the galleries, which we essentially had to ourselves. Tonight’s festivities will feature bluegrass music by Darlin’ Corey and a lecture by director, Mark Bessire, on the role of the museum in the 21st century.

If you’re looking for a slight change of pace from your typical Thursday evenings, or haven’t had the opportunity to visit the museum and see its newest collections, we highly recommend that you take advantage of tonight’s event and keep an eye open for the upcoming Third Thursdays this summer!

Third Thursdays at the Portland Museum of Art

Portland Museum of Art

Portland Maine Museum of Art

Contact Information - Summer at the Portland Museum of Art

7 Congress Street
Portland, Maine 04101
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Flea Bites Portland Maine

Meredith and I took last week off from Map & Menu in an attempt to try to pay attention to the beautiful days of summer while we still have them. Instead of evenings prepping photos and writing posts, we opted for home-cooked dinners on the patio and books in the hammock until the sun went down. We worked in the yard. We went for beach walks with Orvis. We did just about anything to minimize the non-requisite time spent in front of a screen… and it was delightful.

On Friday, we headed to the first Flea Bites of the season at the Portland Flea-for-All, where a number of the growing family of Portland food trucks were gathered together. We used the opportunity to sample the Good Shepherd Food Bank’s truck – one that’s on our radar since just after we wrote our last Portland food truck post. With a special guest chef like Damian Sansonetti of Piccolo, it’s hard imagine a better choice for dinner that evening, and we can’t wait to see more of the Good Shepherd truck around town in the future!

To cap an excellent week, Meredith and I threw what’s becoming an annual get together in our backyard to celebrate one of our favorite warm weather libations – rosé (or summer water as it’s quickly becoming known around these parts). A number of old friends and new gathered at our place to enjoy some laughs, some music, some World Cup soccer, some small bites, and plenty of that sweet summer water. Sadly, we didn’t take nearly enough photos of the party, but given the way the week started – somewhat free of Map & Menu – we could help but set the camera down and just enjoy ourselves.

Now we’re back, and ready to share some more trips, meals, and stories as we watch the rest of summer unfold. We hope you’ll follow along and share some of your own summer stories too!


Rose Party

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Orvis at Fisherman's Point

Due to our work and travel schedules, this past weekend was the first one that we’ve spent at home together since early April, so we set out to take full advantage of what turned out to be a beautiful summer weekend. We kicked things off with a delicious dinner at our favorite farm, The Well, and spent the rest of the evening relaxing in our new hammock. Armed with breakfast from Scratch the next morning, we visited the Portland farmer’s market for the first time this season, where we happened to run into a few friends while picking up some of our favorite early season produce. Over the course of the day we spent plenty more time in the hammock and Michael worked in the yard while I snuck out for a bike ride. That evening we packed up a few more provisions from Scratch (that oh so delicious pulled pork sandwich), a bottle of wine, and Orvis for a picnic dinner by the water at Fisherman’s Point – one of our favorite ways to spend a summer night.

In an attempt to work our way through our summer to-do list, we decided to hit the road Sunday morning and go for a hike in the lakes region of New Hampshire. The views of Lake Winnipesaukee and the surrounding area from the top of Mt. Major were stunning, and had us planning a return trip in the fall while we hiked back down. Afterwards, we wandered around Wolfeboro for awhile and took our to-go BLT sandwiches for a picnic by the lake. On the way back to Maine we spotted the perfect place for an impromptu swim in Lake Wentworth with Orvis, which was clearly the very best way to cap off one of the most enjoyable weekends we’ve experienced in New England thus far.

Orvis at Gull Crest

The Well at Jordan's Farm

Fisherman's Point

Mt. Major NH

Mt. Major

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Warren Street Hudson NY

Naturally, we were quite sad when our dear friends, Darcy & Carolyn, told us that they were packing up their darling shop and sweet pups and moving down to Hudson, NY, but we knew that our friendship with the four of them was far from over – in fact, it’s arguably even better, now that they live in a fun new town with amazing shops & restaurants. If this past weekend that we spent with them in Hudson is any indication, the future of our friendship is looking bright, with all kinds of adventure, laughs, and of course, great food!

When we weren’t catching up with them in their stunning new apartment (see below for proof!) or walking our three dogs around town, we were falling in love with the quirky charm of Hudson. Some of our favorite food highlights from the weekend included takeout from Hudson Food Studio, a relaxed brunch at Cafe Le Perche, and the most delicious ice cream sundaes at LICK. The selection at Hudson Wine Merchants was also spot-on, and we’re already busy planning our next visit to include a stop at Bonfiglio & Bread, which was unfortunately closed this weekend.

The drive down to Rhinebeck for the Sunday farmer’s market was gorgeous and only made us more excited for future trips to explore the charming towns of the Hudson River Valley. Needless to say, there will be plenty of Map & Menu posts highlighting this beautiful area of New York (including one on Great Barrington in the very near future). And of course, we cannot wait to share some photos of the new 2 Note shop, opening at 255 Warren Street in mid-July. Until then, we’d love to hear any recommendations you might have for the Hudson area… because we simply can’t wait to go back!

Summer Water

Orvis Hughie and Enzo

Cafe la Perche Hudson NY

Hudson NY Kitchen

Hudson New York




Orvis goes to Hudson

Enzo on the stairs

Rhineback NY Farmer's Market

Rhinebeck NY

Hudson Wine Merchants

LICK Ice Cream Hudson NY

Hudson NY

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Road Trip with Orvis

Right after we returned to the states from Scotland, Michael and I had to pack our bags once again – this time for a road trip down to North Carolina with Orvis. We broke up the drive by spending a night at our go-to spot, Hotel Fauchere. (Read more about our past trips to this darling Milford, PA inn here.) One of the best parts about staying at Hotel Fauchere is having a tasty dinner at Bar Louis, located just downstairs. After years of hearing about the restaurant’s famed sushi pizza, we finally sampled it, and it definitely lived up to the hype! The next morning before we had to spend the day in the car, we went for a run and enjoyed what is probably our favorite hotel breakfast.

Between visiting both of our families and shooting a wedding, our days in North Carolina were a blur. We had the chance to spend some time with both our families and some very dear friends, and it even worked out for us to attend our nephew’s second birthday right before we left to start the drive back up to Maine. We bade farewell to the South with full hearts and big smiles on our faces after getting to see so many loved ones in such a short amount of time.

Hotel Fauchere

Dog Friendly Hotel Fauchere

Hotel Fauchere Milford

Bar Louis Sushi Pizza at Hotel Fauchere

Dogs at Hotel Fauchere

Orvis and Meredith at Hotel Fauchere

Michael and Philip




Perry and Graham

Orvis meets Perry



All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Michael's Birthday

What a beautiful couple of days it has been in Maine! I’m not sure how long this lovely weather will last, but we’ve been making the most of it lately by spending as much time in the yard as possible. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to be as active outside with Orvis as we usually are, as he developed an infection from a toe injury and has been sporting a heartbreakingly adorable bandaged paw for the past few days. Fingers crossed it heals quickly and he’ll be back to his crazy self in no time!

Over the weekend we had the chance to celebrate a few birthdays, some a little early and one a bit late. Michael will be in Scotland during his actual birthday so we opened his present and had cake on Saturday night, and then the next morning we had our friends, Darcy & Carolyn, over for a joint birthday brunch in honor of Carolyn & Michael’s May birthdays and my April birthday. We picked up some goodies from Scratch, whipped up a blueberry skillet pancake, sipped orange juice mimosas on the patio, and laughed for hours while Orvis slept at our feet. In keeping with the weekend’s festive vibe, we met my mother at Frontier Cafe in Brunswick for a Mother’s Day dinner later that evening and continued laughing the day away.

This weekend’s dose of spring weather surely has us excited for more days such as these. We hope you all had a wonderful few days as well!

Poor Orvis

Birthday Brunch

Lavender Mimosa Frontier Cafe

Spring Risotto

Broadturn Farm Tulips

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Tiki Sunday at Hunt and Alpine

Work took me on a solo trip this weekend through a beautiful region of New York I’d never visited before – Delaware County & Cooperstown. While spring hasn’t quite graced upstate New York with its presence yet, the countryside I drove through was absolutely gorgeous! I would love to someday come back and make the same drive with Orvis and Michael, perhaps spending a little time hiking in the Catskills. After checking out of the charming inn & restaurant where I stayed on Friday night (more on that this week!), I drove right through Meredith, New York on my way to Cooperstown. I couldn’t help but stop and take a photo of the darling town sign!

Back in Maine, Michael spent most of his weekend working in the yard before heading up to Newcastle to visit Oxbow’s tasting room for the first time with my stepfather – an activity that comes highly recommended from both of them!

I made the long drive home on Saturday night so that I could spend a relaxing Sunday with Michael and Orvis before I head back to New York later this week. After a lazy morning on the couch with breakfast from Scratch, we spent some time outside with Orvis and then made our way to Tiki Sunday at Hunt & Alpine.

I feel like the weekend passed in the blink of an eye, but when I look back, I’m so thankful for how much we both got to see and do.

Table on Ten Breakfast

Everlane Weekender

Meredith NY

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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