Warren Street Hudson NY

Naturally, we were quite sad when our dear friends, Darcy & Carolyn, told us that they were packing up their darling shop and sweet pups and moving down to Hudson, NY, but we knew that our friendship with the four of them was far from over – in fact, it’s arguably even better, now that they live in a fun new town with amazing shops & restaurants. If this past weekend that we spent with them in Hudson is any indication, the future of our friendship is looking bright, with all kinds of adventure, laughs, and of course, great food!

When we weren’t catching up with them in their stunning new apartment (see below for proof!) or walking our three dogs around town, we were falling in love with the quirky charm of Hudson. Some of our favorite food highlights from the weekend included takeout from Hudson Food Studio, a relaxed brunch at Cafe Le Perche, and the most delicious ice cream sundaes at LICK. The selection at Hudson Wine Merchants was also spot-on, and we’re already busy planning our next visit to include a stop at Bonfiglio & Bread, which was unfortunately closed this weekend.

The drive down to Rhinebeck for the Sunday farmer’s market was gorgeous and only made us more excited for future trips to explore the charming towns of the Hudson River Valley. Needless to say, there will be plenty of Map & Menu posts highlighting this beautiful area of New York (including one on Great Barrington in the very near future). And of course, we cannot wait to share some photos of the new 2 Note shop, opening at 255 Warren Street in mid-July. Until then, we’d love to hear any recommendations you might have for the Hudson area… because we simply can’t wait to go back!

Summer Water

Orvis Hughie and Enzo

Cafe la Perche Hudson NY

Hudson NY Kitchen

Hudson New York




Orvis goes to Hudson

Enzo on the stairs

Rhineback NY Farmer's Market

Rhinebeck NY

Hudson Wine Merchants

LICK Ice Cream Hudson NY

Hudson NY

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Calton Hill Scotland

When my two London-based teammates and I were planning our next team meetup last January, Scotland seemed like a natural location… of course it didn’t hurt that both Meredith and I have wanted to visit the country for as long as we can remember! We worked from Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, for a week, eating, drinking, and exploring or way through town when we weren’t working, and then Meredith joined me for a week to tour the Highlands and Isle of Skye (more about those to come), followed by one final evening back in Edinburgh before the two of us flew out.

Edinburgh is a fantastic city, full of history, architecture, natural beauty, and delicious food, and although Meredith’s time there was sadly short, we were still able to see, do, and eat plenty. The following are a few of our favorite parts of the city, both from my week working and then our day together. If you’re visiting Edinburgh, we highly recommend that you check out these places!

The Balmoral

We decided to splurge a bit on the final night of our week-long trip to Scotland with a stay at The Balmoral, the historic landmark hotel located right in the heart of the city. Aside from the fact that JK Rowling finished writing the Harry Potter series at The Balmoral, the highlight of our brief visit was the nod to Scotland’s own Sean Connery in the bathroom (see below) and our warm welcome from Richard the oft-photographed kilted doorman.

Calton Hill

The views of Edinburgh and its neighboring towns from the top of Calton Hill are truly unforgettable. The hill itself is home to various monuments and historical buildings, including the headquarters of the Scottish Government. It even overlooks Arthur’s Seat, rumored to be one of the possible locations of the fabled Camelot.

Edinburgh Castle

It’s hard to imagine a more quintessential castle than that of Edinburgh’s. Set at the end of the ‘Royal Mile’, on top of a wall of cliffs that rise almost from nowhere in the center of town, it’s a focal point of the city and a constant reminder of the history of the place. Home to the Crown Jewels of Scotland and some more fantastic views of the city, the castle is worth a tour if you don’t mind the touristy rush. However, if you’re in the mood for something a little quieter, spend some time walking through the Princes Street Gardens below the castle.

Water of Leith & Royal Botanical Garden

If you’re like us and you feel a little overwhelmed by the crowds of the Royal Mile and Princes Street, head north and get lost in the New Town neighborhoods between the Queen Street Gardens & the Royal Botanic Gardens. A leisurely stroll along the Water of Leith only adds to the serenity of this quiet city escape.

The Dogs

I enjoyed my first meal at The Dogs with my teammates so much, that when faced with only one dinner in Edinburgh once Meredith and I returned, the choice was fairly obvious. The Dogs is wonderfully low key, with its sparse second story flat and eclectic collection of tables, chairs, dishes, and cutlery. In fact, the most uniform part of its design is its homage to the owner’s dogs (which made Meredith and I feel right at home). During both trips, our meals were fantastic, concentrating on flavor and taste over presentation or formality, and leaving us in the perfect mindset for a leisurely stroll back to our hotel.


Easily some of the very best Indian food we’ve ever had, Khushi’s was another find from our trusty Where Chefs Eat book (where we discovered essentially all of the places we ate in Edinburgh). We were ravenous after the long drive from Skye and noticed that the only conversation we shared during our lunch were the proclamations of how amazing our meals were. If Indian cuisine is in your plans for a trip to the UK, Khushi’s should be your destination!

The Kitchin

One day for lunch, my teammates and I decided to spoil ourselves with a prix fixe meal at chef Tom Kitchin’s namesake, The Kitchin. Concentrating on locally-sourced ingredients (to the extent that they provide a map with your meal’s sources around the United Kingdom), the restaurant executed every part of our meal to an exacting precision. Three delicious courses later, we plopped ourselves down around the comfy bar to have some coffee and reminisce about the tasty meal we’d just devoured

Leo’s Beanery

Sadly, Leo’s Beanery didn’t open early enough for Meredith and I to stop by before our flight out of town, but my breakfast here the week before was tasty enough that we figured it deserved a mention. A New Town neighborhood eatery, tucked away in the basement of one of the neoclassical city blocks, I recommend that you stop in for a traditional Scottish full breakfast (bacon, eggs, black pudding, beans, mushrooms, sausage, and tomatoes), or some lighter bakery fare.

The Balmoral
The Balmoral
Sean Connery in the Balmoral Bathroom
Sean Connery in the Balmoral Bathroom

Edinburgh Scotland Travel Guide

Edinburgh Map & Menu

Calton Hill Edinburg

Edinburgh City Guide
Calton Hill
Edinburgh Scotland
The View from Calton Hill
Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street Gardens
Edinburgh Scotland
Groundskeeper’s Cottage in Princes Street Gardens


The Dogs Edinburgh
The Dogs

Edinburgh Scotland City Guide

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Road Trip with Orvis

Right after we returned to the states from Scotland, Michael and I had to pack our bags once again – this time for a road trip down to North Carolina with Orvis. We broke up the drive by spending a night at our go-to spot, Hotel Fauchere. (Read more about our past trips to this darling Milford, PA inn here.) One of the best parts about staying at Hotel Fauchere is having a tasty dinner at Bar Louis, located just downstairs. After years of hearing about the restaurant’s famed sushi pizza, we finally sampled it, and it definitely lived up to the hype! The next morning before we had to spend the day in the car, we went for a run and enjoyed what is probably our favorite hotel breakfast.

Between visiting both of our families and shooting a wedding, our days in North Carolina were a blur. We had the chance to spend some time with both our families and some very dear friends, and it even worked out for us to attend our nephew’s second birthday right before we left to start the drive back up to Maine. We bade farewell to the South with full hearts and big smiles on our faces after getting to see so many loved ones in such a short amount of time.

Hotel Fauchere

Dog Friendly Hotel Fauchere

Hotel Fauchere Milford

Bar Louis Sushi Pizza at Hotel Fauchere

Dogs at Hotel Fauchere

Orvis and Meredith at Hotel Fauchere

Michael and Philip




Perry and Graham

Orvis meets Perry



All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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The  Marlton Hotel NYC

I remember bookmarking the chic Greenwich Village hotel, The Marlton, the minute I finished reading about it on The Pursuit of Style this winter, and when spring rolled around and my mother asked me to accompany her on a work trip to New York, I told her that we needn’t look any further than The Marlton. Since then the hotel has been featured on Condé  Nast Traveler’s Hot List (along with a few other Map & Menu favorites – most notably, the Salt House Inn) and seems to be the place to stay in the Village. For that matter, it might just be the place to be for locals as well, thanks to Margaux, the hotel’s chic restaurant.

Michael appreciates a thoughtfully designed hotel room as much as I do (and goodness knows he loves a luxurious bathroom), but it was fitting that I had the chance to experience this chic hotel with my mother, the woman (mostly) responsible for the love and appreciation I have for beautiful hotels & inns. We couldn’t get enough of the marble bathroom (and its giant soaking tub!), the brass fixtures, the herringbone floors, or the crown moldings – you can imagine how pleased I was to be able to photograph such a lovely space.

On our way out the door after checking out the morning of our departure, my mother proclaimed that she’ll never stay in another New York hotel again – The Marlton is the only place for her. I have to say, I think she just might be onto something. After all, mothers really do know best, don’t they?


The  Marlton Hotel NYC

The  Marlton Hotel NYC

The  Marlton Hotel NYC

The  Marlton Hotel NYC

The  Marlton Hotel NYC

The  Marlton Hotel NYC

The  Marlton Hotel NYC

The  Marlton Hotel NYC

The  Marlton Hotel NYC

Margaux at The Marlton

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Dunvegan Skye

Michael and I made it back from Scotland this weekend and are oh so happy to be reunited with our sweet pup! We have plenty to share about our trip and will likely begin with a few posts next week, but here’s a quick peek into our Scottish adventures for now. We spent the week in absolute awe – what a beautiful country!

Scottish Highlands

Glenfinnan Viaduct

Inverarary Castle

Greystones Oban Scotland

Kilt Rock

Skye Lambs

Edinburgh Scotland

The Balmoral

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Polux Fleuriste at All Good Things

While most of my recent trip to New York was spent in the Village (more on that coming next week), I did have a chance to venture beyond the idyllic treelined streets and charming brownstones for just a bit. I knew my mother, a gifted florist, would just love the shop, All Good Things, I’d read about on the Ann Street Studio blog awhile back. After our walk up the High Line, we hopped in a cab and headed down to TriBeCa to visit this darling store – a flower shop, cafe, and gourmet marketplace all in one.

We both enjoyed browsing the selection of fresh flowers at the Polux Fleuriste portion of the store, and while the owner regretted to tell us that the shop was looking a little empty as she was awaiting the day’s floral delivery, we could barely tell. Even on a day when the shop wasn’t quite as flower-filled as it usually is, we found the selection to be lovely. The potted succulents, the fresh stems of anemones & ranunculus, and the jewel toned tulips & roses were the perfect cheerful anecdote to our final rainy day in Manhattan.

The only downside of our visit to All Good Things was that we’d already eaten breakfast and couldn’t take advantage of the delicious baked goods for sale. Next time, I’ll make sure to come hungry… There’s even a restaurant that serves a prix fixe menu downstairs Tuesday-Saturday evenings.

After our visit, I can say that without a doubt, All Good Things is one of those places that truly lives up to its name!

All Good Things Tribeca

All Good Things

All Good Things NY

All Good Things Polux Fleuriste

Polux Fleuriste

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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The High Line

Visiting the High Line is a New York must for me! It’s easily my favorite activity to partake in during any trip to the city… besides eating, of course! Last week’s walk up the High Line was a bit dreary and chilly, but certainly one I’ll never forget, as it was the first time my mother walked the High Line. Her excitement was contagious and it was as if I was seeing all of the green spaces, flowers, views of the city, and architecture through new eyes. In fact, I’ve never actually been on the High Line during the spring season, so a lot of what I was seeing was new, and since it was a little rainy we nearly had the whole park to ourselves. I’m so thankful we didn’t let a bit of rain keep us away – it was a wonderful way to spend a quiet morning in the city.

The High Line Spring

The High Line NY

View from the High Line   High Line NYC

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Blue Pig Croton on the Hudson

I was tickled to get to share one of my favorite ice cream shops, The Blue Pig, with my mother on our way back from New York City last week. Just like Michael and I did on our last trip down to NY, we stopped at The Blue Pig for a bite to eat after picking up our car at the nearby Croton Harmon train station. (Fellow New Englanders, this is our preferred way to get into the city – the drive is easy, the train ride is relaxing, and some of the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted is literally right on the way to the train station. A win-win, if you ask me.)

After debating the dozens of flavors that all sounded delicious, we each settled on a cup of Butterfinger Coconut, which was just as tasty and creamy as last summer’s Rooftop Strawberry! For me, the highlight of our quick stop at The Blue Pig was just noting how comfortable it felt to return almost a year after our last visit. There was this delightful sense of familiarity upon walking through the door – similar to the feeling that Michael and I get when checking into our dear Hotel Fauchere on our frequent road trips to North Carolina. There’s something so satisfying about reacquainting oneself with a familiar place while traveling – whether it’s a special restaurant, a beloved inn, or a favorite pastime – there’s just something wonderful about the comfort of returning to a place and reliving past memories.

Leaving The Blue Pig, I was again reminded of how thankful Michael and I are to write this blog, mainly because it has introduced us to some of the most amazing businesses, experiences, and people, and we truly look forward to sharing them all with you. We’re curious – are there any spots you like to revisit while traveling? A friend of mine always stops at the exact same diner on the way home from visiting her family. It started as a way to break up the long drive, but now they cannot imagine making the trip without stopping. I love it!

Blue Pig Ice Cream

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Michael's Birthday

What a beautiful couple of days it has been in Maine! I’m not sure how long this lovely weather will last, but we’ve been making the most of it lately by spending as much time in the yard as possible. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to be as active outside with Orvis as we usually are, as he developed an infection from a toe injury and has been sporting a heartbreakingly adorable bandaged paw for the past few days. Fingers crossed it heals quickly and he’ll be back to his crazy self in no time!

Over the weekend we had the chance to celebrate a few birthdays, some a little early and one a bit late. Michael will be in Scotland during his actual birthday so we opened his present and had cake on Saturday night, and then the next morning we had our friends, Darcy & Carolyn, over for a joint birthday brunch in honor of Carolyn & Michael’s May birthdays and my April birthday. We picked up some goodies from Scratch, whipped up a blueberry skillet pancake, sipped orange juice mimosas on the patio, and laughed for hours while Orvis slept at our feet. In keeping with the weekend’s festive vibe, we met my mother at Frontier Cafe in Brunswick for a Mother’s Day dinner later that evening and continued laughing the day away.

This weekend’s dose of spring weather surely has us excited for more days such as these. We hope you all had a wonderful few days as well!

Poor Orvis

Birthday Brunch

Lavender Mimosa Frontier Cafe

Spring Risotto

Broadturn Farm Tulips

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Table on Ten Room Details

After reading about Table on Ten, a three room inn & restaurant in Bloomville, New York, on Designtripper last year, I mentally bookmarked it and hoped I’d have an excuse to stay and/or eat at what appeared to be a charming Catskills getaway at some point in the near future. A wedding in Cooperstown this past weekend, just an hour north of Bloomville, seemed like the perfect excuse and a pretty great way to break up at least one leg of my trip to New York.

Five hours after departing Maine, I arrived to a bustling scene – every table in the downstairs cafe was filled for Table on Ten’s Pizza Night. I quickly checked into my room and made my way back downstairs to join the crowd for some delicious pizza. The evening’s special, a fennel and spring vegetable pizza with eggs on top and a glass of wine was precisely what I needed after my drive. The food more than lived up to what I’d been looking forward to for about a year now, and from what I heard from the other patrons in the lively cafe (the line was nearly out the door when I retired to my room for the evening), they were just as pleased with their pizzas.

I loved the simple, rustic aesthetic of the entire property, especially the room where I stayed. The dark walls and contrasting accents were a dream to photograph, simply because they’re so different from many of the places we visit. Each of the three rooms at Table on Ten feature a handmade bed that deservedly end up being the room’s focal point. I was a little hesitant about the idea of sharing a bathroom with the other suite on the second floor, but as luck would have it, I was the only guest on that floor, so there was no need to share. Even if the other suite had been occupied, I think it only would have further reinforced the feeling I had throughout my entire stay – that I was a guest in the well designed home of a friend who just so happened to be a talented chef! (In case you’re wondering, the third floor attic has its own bathroom, complete with an en-suite clawfoot tub.) The following morning I enjoyed a delicious breakfast that put me in the perfect mindset for a day of shooting – a final touch to a great stay.

If you find yourself in the Northwestern Catskills or if you just have a hankering to explore the bucolic region of Delaware County, do look into planning a stay or a meal at Table on Ten – it’s a uniquely lovely experience that shouldn’t be missed!

Table on Ten Bloomville NY

Table on Ten Getaway

Table on Ten Room 1

Table on Ten Bathroom Photos

Table on Ten Bathroom

Table on Ten Pizza Night

Table on Ten Cafe

Table on Ten Bloomville

Table on Ten Cafe Bloomville

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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