Rock Paper Scissors

Last week, Meredith mentioned one of our favorite places to grab a bite to eat in Wiscasset, and this week, I’m delighted to follow that post with quite possibly one of our favorite shops in the entire Midcoast region – Rock Paper Scissors (sorry, no website).

If you’re ever driving through, or staying in Wiscasset, and don’t take the time to get lost in this fantastic shop of cards, stationery, gifts, and just general awesome miscellany, you’re completely missing out. The collection of products that owner Erika Soule has curated is simply fantastic, and every nook and cranny of the shop is covered with it (she consolidated her other store, Smitten, into the space).  Every time we visit the shop, I see Mere’s eyes grow with each item we see, and this past visit, I made-out like a birthday bandit with an excellent Green Moss candle from Izola and a Lamy Scribble pencil.  We even added some matching, recycled glass wine glasses to our collection.  You’ll find everything you didn’t know you needed, and a cooler version of so many things you already have.  I challenge you to drop in and not find something you want to leave with.

Meredith and I are headed up the coast again soon, and I guarantee that we’ll be dropping in to both Rock Paper Scissors and Treats on our way – it’s become a Midcoast tradition.

Rock Paper Scissors Wiscasset ME

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Rock Paper Scissors Shop

Rock Paper Scissors Wiscasset

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