Drive to Biddeford Pool

One evening last summer Michael & I decided to take a little spontaneous road trip – we hopped in the mini and drove south to Biddeford Pool. I’d recently been to the area for a shoot and from the moment I drove onto Mile Stretch Road, the sandy strip of beach that connects Biddeford Pool to the mainland, I knew Michael would absolutely love it here.  Somehow, it feels like you’ve entered a completely different place – nothing like the rest of the Maine coast that we’ve experienced, and something very similar to the sandy, strips of beach back home. … Continue reading Drive to Biddeford Pool

Petite Jacqueline

Oh, sweet Petite Jacqueline! I know little about French culture or cuisine (other than my favorite Scratch croissants and Pepé Le Pew), and definitely look to Meredith for any true Franco-related information, but if Petite Jacqueline in Portland is any hint, I’m going to love every moment spent in front of a table on our upcoming trip to France. This perfectly-styled French bistro in Longfellow Square immediately caught our attention when it opened, and it wasn’t long after that we added it to our Portland Top 10. But recently, with a wonderfully generous wedding photography thank you gift from the … Continue reading Petite Jacqueline

Hotel Fauchère

A few years ago Michael, Orvis, and I were down in North Carolina, visiting our families for the Christmas holiday, when a substantial snowstorm made its way up the east coast, messing up our typical (at the time) one day all-the-way return trip. Our travel plans weren’t too flexible, as I had a wedding to shoot up in Maine on New Year’s Eve, so we decided to take the westerly route in an attempt to avoid most of the snow and traffic, knowing we’d need to spend the night somewhere near Scranton, PA since the driving would be so slow. … Continue reading Hotel Fauchère

Upriver Home

Since stopping in Milford in 2010, we’ve been eager to share our love for the town and Hotel Fauchère with our friends and family, especially those driving up and down the coast between Maine & North Carolina. My mother has taken our advice and on more than one occasion she’s stopped for an overnight visit with her golden retriever. A few weeks ago she had the chance to do a little sightseeing in Milford and popped into Upriver Home. Knowing that we were going to be in Milford just a week later, she sent me an e-mail insisting that we visit the … Continue reading Upriver Home

Bar Louis

I love a good basement establishment – maybe it’s the speakeasy-feel of the bar, or the idea that you’re onto a good secret when you hop down a short flight of stairs to the front door – but there’s just something about the softly-lit places without the giant windows and signs that just gets me, and Bar Louis has to be near the top of whatever poorly-name “basement list” there might be out there. The design might be modern, but the “subtle, timeless, and elegant” they were going for, has been achieved perfectly.  Let’s start with its namesake, the bar. … Continue reading Bar Louis

Pâtisserie Fauchère

I’m not quite sure of the details, but the last time we stayed at Hotel Fauchère the inn’s cafe, Pâtisserie Fauchère, was closed. The next morning before we made the trip back to Maine we enjoyed delicious bagels at the deli across the street from the inn, but on this trip we were eager to visit the pâtisserie! After a walk around town with Orvis we popped in the historic Emerson House, a former residence adjacent to the hotel and home to the pâtisserie. Given that it was fairly early in the morning after daylight savings, we had the cafe to ourselves. After ordering … Continue reading Pâtisserie Fauchère

Road Trip Preview via Instagram!

Michael, Orvis, and I have just returned from an exciting and memorable ten day road trip up and down the east coast. We decided to time this adventure of ours shortly after the launch of Map & Menu, as we knew we’d be staying at four of our favorite hotels that would be absolutely perfect for the blog. We’re so excited to share more about our stops – in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Maryland – with you all in the coming weeks! For now, here are a few Instagram photos from the road. Enjoy!  Continue reading Road Trip Preview via Instagram!

Portland, OR

What a trip this was last summer!  Meredith and I had been wanting to venture out west together – specifically to the Pacific Northwest – for quite awhile, and when our friends Alex and Danny asked her to shoot their wedding (and me to attend), it presented the perfect opportunity to explore “the other Portland” and its gorgeous surroundings.  We began our trip to Oregon with a few days in Portland, followed by the wedding on Mt. Hood, and then a trip through the Columbia River Gorge to Cannon Beach and Astoria – not a shabby way to spend a … Continue reading Portland, OR