Paris Resources

As we were planning out our Paris trip post while riding on the train to Lyon, we began to think about the abundance of incredibly helpful resources we had found while mapping out our time, and most importantly, our meals in the city. We ultimately decided that these resources were too good not to share with our readers, so we’ve compiled a list of the most helpful websites & blogs that guided us through our very first visit to Paris. We hope you’re able to consult some of these resources when planning a future trip to Paris! rather paris  We’ve … Continue reading Paris Resources


When researching where we should go for dinner while we were in Newport, I needed to look no further than the new england book our dear friend Chelsey gave us when we launched Map & Menu earlier this year. This was going to be a very special dinner for Michael & I, as he had just accepted a job with his dream (!) company, Automattic, the company who manages WordPress! We thought that a celebration dinner in Newport would make the trip even more special, and Fluke turned out to be the perfect setting for our festive meal! We … Continue reading Fluke