Clyde Common

Clyde Common

Prior to our trip to Oregon I began researching restaurants in the city and came up with a list of possibilities for us – a Google doc I shared with Michael, and even with our friend Alex, a Portland-area expert! I remember finding a link to Clyde Common from a bakery who supplies their bread, and immediately moved it to the top of the list because I was impressed by their website’s branding. (Being in creative industries, Michael and I are happy to admit that we are suckers for good branding, which has many times in the past led us in the right direction in choosing places to stay or eat, and things to do.) In fact, it was our very first stop, just hours after we landed in Portland, hungry from our cross-country adventure!

Upon walking in, I remember feeling a distinctly giddy excitement. The building was full of beautiful, late summer evening natural light. The design was clean and modern, with a comfortable, friendly feel. We took a seat at a long communal table and in just a few moments we were deep in conversation with a sweet couple from Chicago. As we swapped stories about the food scene in our respective cities, Michael sipped a local Portland beer, and I enjoyed the delicious daily punch, of a hibiscus variety. After seeing the size of our new friends’ bowl of seasoned popcorn, we decided to start the meal by sharing panzanella-esque appetizer. I kept people watching as the long wooden tables began to fill up, all the while squeezing Michael’s leg, whispering to him how much I loved Clyde Common!

When ourĀ  meals arrived, quail for Michael and a summer tomato tagliatelle pasta for me, we practically ceased conversation. Everything was perfect – the vegetables were fresh, the food was full of flavor, and Michael and I were as happy as we could possibly be. Naturally we were too full from dinner to order dessert, but we walked home and joked of returning for lunch the next day! Our very first meal in Portland, a city of amazing restaurants, absolutely spoiled us. The following meals were great, but Clyde Common will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We will most definitely be returning the next time we’re in the ‘other Portland’.

Clyde Common Portland

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