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We haven’t hosted a giveaway in quite some time now, but the moment we read about the book, Where Chefs Eat, on Portland Food Map, we knew it would make the perfect giveaway for Map & Menu. Not only does the book list several restaurants that we’ve featured in the past – 2Amys, Buvette, Crook’s Corner, Fore Street, Boda, Gorgeous Gelato, Otto Pizza, Pai Men Miyake, and Petite Jacqueline – but two of our favorite Portland-based chefs, Sam Hayward & Rob Evans, are highlighted as well.

It’s a good thing that we went ahead and purchased two copies, one to keep and one to giveaway, as I’ve already found myself daydreaming about visiting as many of these restaurants as we possibly can. As the official ‘itinerary planner’ for Map & Menu, I’m quite positive that this book will be consulted whenever we’re preparing for a trip!

To enter to win a copy of Where Chefs Eat, simply like Map & Menu on Facebook and then leave a comment below telling us where you eat! You have until midnight on Thursday, January 31st!



35 thoughts on “Giveaway: Where Chefs Eat

  1. After an amazing trip to Japan this summer my husband and I eat at Miyake & Pai Men Miyake…authentic and delicious! Pai Men’s brunch is hands down our favorite in Portland with Tandem Coffee to boot!

  2. This book looks amazing! We like to eat at new restaurants around the Atlanta area, most recently, The Optimist!

  3. Im a Portland fanatic! I fall to my knees for Walters and Pai Men, but I enjoy our little jems in the city. Ive been rendered speechless from Hugos and enjoyed the soft yet satisfying sweetness of whoopie pies from Two Fat Cats. Although Ive moved to the Saco area and spend a lot of time at Run of the Mill I still feel that magnetic pull to that little city in the port!

  4. Just clicked through to your DC post… I miss DC so much! I used to live around the corner from 2Amys. My favorite pizza place ever.

  5. You both are so inspiring!!! You must add this to your list of restaurants to try if you are ever in Texas: Dough Pizzeria in San Antonio. I first saw it on the food network and whenever I go to San Antonio on business I ALWAYS have to go there at least once – twice if I am lucky!!

  6. As soon as you posted this I knew I’d love that book!! With our upcoming trip to NYC I’ve been oogling all the celeb chefs like Thomas Keller’s restaurant Per Se or Daniel Bolud’s restaurant.. But Ashley Christensen of course is super sweet and the food, southern classics, but we’re also big fans of bobby flay and his Mesa restaurants. Can’t wait to have pizza at Lombardis in NYC! The angus barn is always a good one too… I could go on and on!

  7. My husband and I have been big fans of Masa Miyake since his first restaurant in Portland we always know we are in for a treat when we go out on a date night!

  8. No matter how cold it is outside, there’s nothing better than a scoop (or two) of Gorgeous Gelato! They are simply the best.

  9. I eat at Solo Bistro in Bath! Portland-quality food outside the city :) Though if the rules are strictly to name a Portland restaurant, I’d say Duck Fat or Flatbread…. or Boda, Figa, Otto’s, Standard…

  10. When we’re passing through Portland, we love to stop at Pai Men Miyake for a steaming bowl of ramen, but mostly I eat on the Midcoast. We’re lucky to call Belfast home, and have been taking advantage of fabulous dinners at the Lost Kitchen.

  11. When I’m in Portland, I find myself at Nosh for their bacon dusted fries and sweet & spicy duck wings then hoping a few streets down to Gorgeous Gelato for the amaretto affogato.

  12. Gorgeous Gelato sono i migliori gelati che ho mangiato finora negli Stati Uniti!!
    Gorgeous Gelato are the best gelato I have eaten so far in the US, and beats also many gelato places in know in Italy! Love them for all their flavors.
    Our favorite are:
    My kids love Oreo and Dark Chocolate.
    My husband Espresso and Affogato!
    I love all the Amarena, Mango, and the newest Soy Gelato flavor.


  13. I’d love to win! We love eating at the Corner Cafe here in West GA. They have sandwichs with names like ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ and ‘Pita Frampton’. :)

  14. What a great giveaway! Not really on the beaten path, but delicious all the same is the Silk Road in Missoula, Montana. Bold words, but I think my favorite restaurant of all time! A tapas restaurant with dishes from all over the world, and the menu changes each season based on customer feedback and a voting system. Who knew Montana served more than bison burgers or trout?!

  15. This is awesome.

    I live in Boston now and I love eating Otto’s down here and when I’m in Portland. Taste of home!

  16. Ate a yummy meal at the Maine Diner with some pretty awesome company. Cod cakes say what?!?! Need to make it up there again soon!

  17. Gosh there are so many good choices in Durham- Scratch, Toro, Toast, Nana Taco, Watt’s Grocery, the list goes on and on.

  18. I’m embarrassed to say that even in SF sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a restaurant bubble, but we love going to Limon and Umami!

  19. One of my good friends is the executive chef at ãn in Cary so I’m a bit partial. I like the Publican in Chicago though!

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