The Nines

A hotel that lives up to its name, The Nines is a well-executed mashup of style, comfort, and a little bit of flair.  The layout is based around the central atrium area that contains the tasty and fun Urban Farmer ‘modern steakhouse’ and bar, where we spent more than a couple of hours enjoying cocktails, beers, and munchies (and I spent more than a couple of hours staring aimlessly at the gigantic space around me).  The club level lounge was stocked with tasty treats seemingly all day, and true to Portland’s reputation, there was a great selection of local craft … Continue reading The Nines

Clyde Common

Prior to our trip to Oregon I began researching restaurants in the city and came up with a list of possibilities for us – a Google doc I shared with Michael, and even with our friend Alex, a Portland-area expert! I remember finding a link to Clyde Common from a bakery who supplies their bread, and immediately moved it to the top of the list because I was impressed by their website’s branding. (Being in creative industries, Michael and I are happy to admit that we are suckers for good branding, which has many times in the past led us … Continue reading Clyde Common

Voodoo Doughnut

Doughnuts? I’m there. I’m an anxious person by nature and get a little fidgety standing waiting around, but the line for Voodoo Doughnut that went out the door wrapped around the block, was more than worth it in my book.  If I lived or worked anywhere near this delicious treat, you could guarantee that my waist would be quite a bit larger and my blood sugar quite a bit higher.  These aren’t your Granny’s doughnuts, with names like the Old Dirty Bastard (which I can personally vouch for), pentagram and voodoo doll decorations, and toppings like Fruit Loops and M&M’s, … Continue reading Voodoo Doughnut

International Rose Test Garden

One might think we’d be ‘gardened’ out after a delightful morning spent at the Lan Su Chinese Garden, but that didn’t stop us from heading out of downtown to the International Rose Test Garden in nearby Washington Park. And once we arrived, we were so thankful that we decided to visit two gardens on our first full day in Portland. It was our afternoon spent roaming through the rose garden that inspired us to think about turning a neglected side garden at our home into our own rose garden. (We haven’t made any tangible progress with this project, but we … Continue reading International Rose Test Garden

Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood.

The wedding that was the impetus for this adventure took place on Mount Hood, at the Timberline Lodge.  Calling this area picturesque is almost an understatement – the views driving up the mountain, from the lodge and of the lodge seemed like they were right out of a movie. They were in fact, and if you ignore the whole crazy-axe-murderer part of The Shining (pretty much just the first ten minutes), you’ll get a glimpse of what I mean, as Mount Hood and the Timberline Lodge were used for the exterior shots in the movie.  From there however, the similarities … Continue reading Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood.

Cannery Pier Hotel

When planning our trip to Oregon, we knew we wanted to allow a few days in the city of Portland, allot two days for the wedding on Mt. Hood, and then, because we don’t make it to the west coast very often, we wanted to see the Pacific! Seeing Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach was high on the list, but I couldn’t quite find the right hotel in the area, so I expanded my search. Thankfully my research directed me to the Cannery Pier Hotel in Astoria, Oregon! Built on a pier that formerly housed a fish packing facility, the … Continue reading Cannery Pier Hotel