Revisit: The Porches Inn

Porches Inn

When I booked a wedding in the Berkshires for this summer, there was no question in our minds that three of us would make the trip together, stopping for a couple of nights at one of our favorite spots, The Porches Inn. Honestly, we hadn’t even brought up the bags from the car yet before I was reminded of the many reasons we absolutely adore staying at this charming inn. Of course, it helped that we stayed in the exact same room from our very first trip to North Adams in January. We’re pretty sure that even Orvis was happy to be back in familiar territory, as he led us up the stairs in the Sage Building right to ‘our room.’

Returning to Porches in a completely different season (we woke up to a snow-covered inn during our last visit!) was quite exciting! We had the chance to sit out on our private porch – no one enjoys people watching from this lovely perch as much as Orvis! – and were able to enjoy breakfast each morning on the long porch in front of the inn. The pool (that actually remains open all year) was filled with children, and the common area was bustling with families and couples mapping out the next day’s adventures.

It should also be noted that it would probably behoove Michael if he simply planned that upon returning home from any trip to Porches, that I’m going to want to re-do (or at least spruce up) one of the two bathrooms in our house – that’s how much I adore the bathrooms at the inn! Really, what’s not to love – breadboard, slate floor, a giant clawfoot tub, marble countertops, and the cutest towel hooks of all time.

Our first trip to the Porches and Berkshire County was pre-Map & Menu (we actually came up with the idea for the site on the trip home after our stay), so this was our first stay with photos in mind – we hope you enjoy!

Porches Inn North Adams

Porches Inn Pool

The Porches Inn


Porches Inn MA

Porches Porch

The Porches Inn Dog-Friendly

Porches Inn Bathroom

Dogs at The Porches Inn

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