Sitka & Spruce

Sitka & Spruce

Now this may sound a little melodramatic, but, really, words simply cannot describe my love for the restaurant, Sitka & Spruce. If being located in the beautiful, historic Melrose Market (which could seriously be my version of heaven – no joke) wasn’t enough, Sitka & Spruce, with both its space & food, is one of the coolest restaurants I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. Seriously, being there was all kinds of mind-blowing for me.

Let’s back up to Melrose Market, the building where Sitka & Spruce is located. Comprised of two old automotive warehouses built in the 1920s, Melrose Market is now home to several of the city’s most unique cafes and shops. The space itself has that distinct undeniable charm found in gentrified old warehouses and factories across America , with its open floor plan, high ceilings and exposed beams, but the shops and restaurants only add to the market’s unique charm. There’s the Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich Shop, Bar Ferd’nand (quite possibly the most beautiful bar I’ve ever seen), The Calf & Kid (a cheese shop), Marigold & Mint (a flower shop that also carries gifts, paper goods, cookbooks, etc.) and many more!

And then there’s Sitka & Spruce at the back of the warehouse. I’m fairly certain my jaw dropped as I walked through the doors. It was as though I was transported into a real life kitchen-inspired Pinterest board – reclaimed wood, white subway tile accented by dark trim, rustic pendant lights, industrial looking stools & chairs, a butcherblock workspace in the center of the dining area, and exposed brick. The attention to detail in the design and branding was simply unbelievable!

I snagged a spot at the end of the window-facing bar for Sunday brunch, and felt giddy with excitement to be eating at Sitka & Spruce. I’d read such amazing things about the restaurant, and although I can only imagine how delicious the dinner would be at Sitka & Spruce, the brunch menu looked incredible. It’s certainly not your average brunch spot, serving up plates of pancakes and french toast, drenched in maple syrup. Brunch at Sitka & Spruce is different- a forward thinking, thoughtful, and fresh (literally) approach to the meal. I ordered the yogurt with oranges, poached rhubarb, and quinoa, followed by the hot Blue Bird Grains cereal with dried apricot & almond butter. They were exquisite, both in taste and presentation, and reminded me that you can eat a wonderful brunch that will leave you energized and ready for the day, instead of needing a post-meal nap and feeling lethargic until you get one.

All in all, I couldn’t think of a better way to wrap up my trip in Seattle, and a more promising way to get me planning for our return.

Sitka & Spruce Seattle

Sitka & Spruce Brunch

Sitka & Spruce Hot Cereal

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  1. The architectural elements in your shots are as much a draw to visit this location as the food.
    Kudos to the owners, designers and you for the capture!

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