Red's Dairy Freeze Strawberry Soft Serve

Anyone who lives here or has visited before would probably agree that summer in Maine is pretty hard to beat. As part of this series, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite ways to experience this sunny season in the Pine Tree State. 

Every day since strawberries first started appearing at the Farm Stand and farmer’s market, Meredith has been compulsively checking Facebook to see if Red’s Dairy Freeze had released their very limited run of fresh Maxwell’s Farm strawberry soft serve. Today, when she came running into my office, I knew that the wait was over, so we took a little midday break from work and popped around the corner for a strawberry milkshake and cone of this sweet summer treat (and an extra for the pups). Like many South Portlanders (and probably many southern Mainers) we look forward to this yearly tradition as the unofficial start of summer. But like summer in Maine, strawberry season is also short, so you’ll have to move quickly to get a cone for yourself.


Dog-Friendly-Red-Dairy-Freeze  Red's-Dairy-Freeze-Ice-Cream

All photos by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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The Well at Jordan's Farm

Anyone who lives here or has visited before would probably agree that summer in Maine is pretty hard to beat. As part of this series, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite ways to experience this sunny season in the Pine Tree State. 

You don’t have to be a frequent reader of Map & Menu to know how much we love The Well at Jordan’s Farm. Eating what is literally a farm fresh meal from a picnic table on a warm summer evening is a pretty ideal dining experience. This year is our first season dining at The Well and pairing every BYOB meal with the delicious wines from Maine & Loire. We’ve raved about Peter & Orenda’s store on the site before, but the ability to show them that night’s menu at The Well in search of a perfect pairing has become our newest summer obsession.

A bottle from Maine & Loire and a meal at The Well is a pairing that we think should be on everyone’s summer bucket list.

Maine and Loire Wine

The Well at Jordan's Farm Doughnuts

All photos by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Willard Beach

Over breakfast this morning, Michael and I sat down and made our Summer Bucket List. Like many New Englanders, we spend our winters counting down the days until summer, but seemingly by the time this precious season arrives, we blink and it’s over. In years past we’ve always kept our list of hopeful summer to-dos on our refrigerator, but I’m hoping that by sharing them on the site, you’ll help us with some accountability and we’ll be able to actually check (most of) them off.

  • Host our annual rosé party
  • Road trip to Rhode Island for Del’s
  • See Van Gogh and Nature at The Clark
  • Attend our first Red Sox game at Fenway
  • Paddle to Richmond Island
  • Plan a day hike in New Hampshire
  • Catch a Sea Dogs game
  • Take a dip at the Alna swimming hole
  • See Alex Katz in 1950s at Colby College Museum of Art
  • Day trip to a new island in Casco Bay
  • Rent stand up paddleboard
  • Head to Vermont for our annual August getaway

What’s on your summer list? We’d love to hear what you’ve all got planned in the comments below! 

Mt. Major

Marianmade Farm Lavender

Petite Jacqueline Maine

Rose Party


Rhineback NY Farmer's Market

Bingham Falls

Isle of Springs Maine


Orvis at Trundy Point

Fisherman's Point

Isle of Springs

Donuts at The Well

Sailing to Chebeague

All photos by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Meredith and I were reading that today is National Lobster Day, so in celebration of this super savory sea creature, we thought it’d be fun to highlight some of our favorite ways to enjoy lobster in Maine.

A couple of years ago we did a round-up of our favorite lobster rolls in Maine, a post we still stand by today. In addition to our list, the comments readers left were quite helpful and have guided us to many new locations up and down the coast. If you’re new to the Portland area or planning a trip to Maine, a roll at Fort Williams from Bite Into Maine is a quintessential Maine experience with views of Casco Bay behind the iconic Portland Headlight.

When friends come to town we love the tradition of going to Alewive’s Brook Farm in Cape Elizabeth and picking out our own fresh lobsters from the tank. No trip to the farm is complete with our friends posing for a photo with the largest lobster in the tank, of course. Typically we cook them with a bag of steamers (clams), but we’re planning on giving this grilled split lobster recipe from Bon Appetit a try this summer.

If we’re not cooking it on our own or enjoying it to go, the following are a few lobster dishes around town that have caught our eye: the chilled Maine lobster tail with house mayonnaise at Petite Jacqueline, the lobster tartine at The Honey Paw, and the lobster dumplings at Empire. Seasonal lobster dishes at places like The Well and Vinland should also be on your radar.

If a lobster meal is on your summer bucket list, hopefully this post has given you some inspiration, and If you have any suggestions of lobster rolls, meals, or recipes that we may have missed, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below.

Muscongus Bay Lobster

Muscongus Bay Lobster Roll

Maine Lobster Dinner

Vinland Portland, Maine

Bite Into Maine Lobster Roll

All photos by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Portland Hunt & Alpine Club

Chefs Andrew Taylor & Mike Wiley’s go-to Portland spots are on Andrew Zimmern’s blog, complete with a couple of Map & Menu photos of local favorites Hunt & Alpine (pictured above) & Central Provisions!

Although Michael and I were both a sobbing mess throughout most of this video, we absolutely think that the story of Denali the dog and his owner Ben is well worth a watch over the weekend.

A trip to Big Sur is high on our travel bucket list, so hopefully one day this travel guide will come in handy.

The playful branding of the Dundee, Scotland bar, Jam Jar, caught my eye this week.

This naturally sweetened Mango Berry Cherry Sorbet looks and sounds like a perfect summer weekend snack.

Oysters & cocktails on a boatGrand Banks sounds amazing!

If we ever make it to Australia.

We were shopping for dinner tonight at the Farm Stand and happened upon the season’s first local strawberries. I can’t wait to give a few of these Bon Appetit strawberry recipes a shot this season!

Hopefully you all have something fun lined up for the weekend. We’re looking forward to making tacos, grilling burgers, and sipping drinks on the patio as much as we possibly can! 

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Honey Paw Wok Fried Wide Rise Noodles

Every now and again, Meredith and I don’t mind having a meal that doesn’t involve bringing along the camera and thinking about every dish in regards to a blog post. Special occasion meals typically fall into this category, so when we tried The Honey Paw for the first time around my birthday, we did so without Map & Menu in mind… but ended up enjoying our meal so much that we spent the next couple of weeks thinking about a return trip with camera in tow to share it with you.

When it was announced that the trio behind perennial Portland favorites, Eventide and Hugo’s, would be adding a third establishment to their portfolio, there was quite a bit of buzz around town that The Honey Paw, a “non-denominational noodle bar”, would be a welcome new addition to one of Portland’s tastiest blocks, and after our first two meals there, we couldn’t agree more. Sharing more than just a kitchen, the restaurant pays the same attention to style, detail, and presentation that its sister restaurants are known for. The space is filled with natural light, warm honey-golden tones, and beautiful wooden accents like the large maple island and walnut Industry West stools. Similar to Eventide, the communal bars and table encourage social meals of friendly conversation with other patrons, while music pipes through the vinyl HiFi system.

As for that shared kitchen, we’ve yet to try a bite at The Honey Paw that hasn’t left us craving our next. The creative flavor combinations of dishes like the octopus poke with watermelon and cucumber are delightful, and plates and bowls of charred pork shoulder and wok fried rice noodles are savory and comforting enough that we hope they never leave the menu. On our first visit, the dolsot bibimbap, in which dry-aged beef was served over a heated stone bowl of rice that continues to fry and become crunchier long after the dish arrives, was one of those meals that will remain fresh in my memory for a very long time. In fact, the same could be said about both of our meals at The Honey Paw, and we’re certainly looking forward to adding more dishes to those memories on future trips.

The Honey Paw Portland Maine

Honey Paw Portland Maine

Tuna Tartare Honey Paw

Charred Pork Shoulder The Honey Paw

Charred Pork Should at The Honey Paw

Wok Fried Wide Rice Noodles Honey Paw

Octopus Poke at The Honey Paw

The Honey Paw Portland Maine

All photos by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Michael and I recently watched the HBO miniseries, Olive Kitteridge, and after seeing the toile wallpaper from the opening credits we found ourselves on a search for a similar nautical toile paper for our own home. Ever since shooting some projects for Furbish a few years ago, I’ve been wanting to incorporate wallpaper into our home, but Michael was always on the fence about it until our stay at Nebo Lodge, where more than a few rooms are given an extra dose of character thanks, in large part, to their various wallpapers.

Just like I did with our bathroom update from the spring, I thought it would be fun to share some wallpaper inspiration from our travels. From the floral print in a guest room at The Greenbrier (pictured above) to the whimsical hot air balloons in the stairway of the Saint James in Paris, these wallpapers inject a sense of personality and fun into their spaces.

Powder room at The Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. 


Stairway at the Saint James in Paris.

St. James Paris

Guest room at the Saint James.

St. James Paris Hotel

The Brimstone Room at Nebo Lodge on North Haven, ME.



Bathroom at Nebo Lodge


Colonial Room at the Pitcher Inn in Warren, VT.

Pitcher Inn, Warren Vermont - Map & Menu

The pub at the White Hart Inn in Salisbury, CT. 

White Hart Inn, Salisbury CT

Dining nook at Tipsy Parson in New York. 


Do you all have any design discoveries from your travels? We’d love to hear about them below!

All photos by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Donkeys on Nevis

There’s one guarantee that I’ve taken away from years of traveling alongside Meredith – if there are animals roaming around, she won’t be far behind them. Whether lambs in Scotland or cows in the Shenandoah Valley, Meredith’s love for animals means that there are sure to be plenty of photos of the wildlife on our trips. On our recent trip to Nevis, this proved to be true once again, and within minutes of arriving on the island, we saw our first donkeys and goats roaming around. So in some of our downtime, Meredith and I tried to get close enough to grab a few shots. Sadly, the monkeys we also saw were generally way too camera shy to make it onto this roll.

Goats on Nevis Island


Nevis Donkey

Goats at Montpelier

Goats on Nevis

All photos by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Samantha & Graham Terhune Photography

Today, Michael and I are thrilled to introduce you all to our dear friends, Samantha & Graham Terhune! The Terhunes are a talented pair of photographers living in Chapel Hill, NC with their 18 month old son, Perry, and their oh-so-sweet dog, Bolo. We’ve been lucky enough to call Samantha & Graham friends for years now and always look forward to spending time with them during their summer treks up to Maine and our trips down to North Carolina. Eating well and traveling together seem to have played a huge role in their relationship, and we admire that this hasn’t changed much with the addition of Perry. The three of them (and sometimes four with Bolo!) are always traveling to new places and it looks as though Perry has been on more planes than I have in the last year and a half.

We are delighted to be featuring some of the Terhune’s favorite travel finds and tips on traveling with children alongside their beautiful imagery. Thank you both for sharing your lovely work and travel philosophies with us!

Samantha & Graham Terhune Photography

M&M: What was the very first trip you took with Perry? How did he manage? How did the two of you do?

ST: Perry’s first trip was to Bald Head Island when he was one month old. It was such a great first adventure for our little family. My family rented a beautiful house and we were able to spend the week after Christmas with our entire family under one roof. I was nervous before the trip about being on an island in the event of a medical emergency and a bit apprehensive about the ferry ride to the island with Perry, but honestly, everything was perfect.

Perry’s first airplane adventure was a trip to Denver when he was six months old.  The trickiest thing for us was taking into account all of the gear we would need and traveling in the most efficient way. We decided to bring our Ergo baby carrier and a stroller, and we rented a crib and a car seat. Perry was great on the airplane, all the flights were fairly short and he was still young enough to take long naps on each flight. I was nursing him at the time so we would do that during take-off and landing, and it really helped ease the altitude transitions. When we arrived, we hit the ground running. We used car drives and long walks for naps, and just adjusted our schedules as we needed. We had such a great time, but I think it helps that we have a pretty good sense of humor about things. Sometimes traveling with babies can feel hectic, but it is just the short season of our lives we are in. We try to embrace it, laugh and do the best we can!

Samantha & Graham Terhune Photography

M&M: Perry is only 18 months and has been on an airplane an impressive 14 times! Do you have any strategies or tips for flying with a baby or a toddler?

ST: A kind person once told me that when mama is relaxed baby is relaxed. I really tried to take that piece of advice to heart and stay as calm as possible on all of our flights. Graham and I try to always work as a team and help each other out. We try to have plenty of snacks and entertaining toys to pull out when we need. Our flight to San Francisco happened to be around Easter, and so we packed plenty of Easter Eggs with little toys inside. Perry loved taking them apart and putting them back together.

We always try and think about flying during nap time, but it isn’t always possible. We try and roll with the punches, keep him full and happy, and stay calm and relaxed.

Samantha & Graham Terhune Photography

M&M: We know that good food is incredibly important to both of you and one of the things we love about the way you all travel with Perry is that you’re not afraid to take him to some really great restaurants. Do you have any tips for parents who don’t want to sacrifice delicious meals while traveling with their little ones?

ST: We’ve found that Perry does the best during lunches. Therefore, we try to prioritize our lunch outings and eat at places that we want to really enjoy. We decided early on that we wanted Perry to learn to eat with us at a young age (because it is something important to us). We bring a couple of snacks for P, but we usually just feed him off our plates. Once the food arrives, he is entertained for a while. I think we understand that our meals may not last as long as they would if it were just the two of us, but we’ve been ok with that and look forward to putting him to bed and finishing our bottle of wine in the hotel room.

On our last trip, we discovered the beauty of the i-Phone baby monitor and we snuck away for a dinner date in our hotel one evening. The hotel was small and safe and therefore I felt fine about this arrangement  Another resource we’ve used is local babysitters. In San Francisco, we had a connection with a babysitter and we met her over Skype before inviting her to come to our room and keep Perry for the evening while we went out to dinner.

Samantha & Graham Terhune Photography

M&M: Of the trips you’ve taken with Perry, do you have a favorite or most memorable?

ST: Certainly our most recent trip to California! We had the best four days together exploring Sonoma and San Francisco. It was a quick trip, but we feel that we made the most of our time. Perry never adjusted to West Coast time so it made for very early mornings, but they were some of our favorites. We watched the sunrise almost every day! But, thanks to the advice from so many (including M&M) we saw the most gorgeous places and ate at some fabulous restaurants. What we loved the most was watching Perry’s little personality as a traveler shine through. He seemed to always be up for the next adventure and his favorite experiences were the outdoor hikes. We tried to focus on the natural beauty of the area because we know that, while Perry won’t remember the exact details of these trips, we hope that the beauty he experiences is molding his view of the world and teaching him to be a confident explorer.

Samantha & Graham Terhune Photography

M&M: And what about the trips you’ve gone on with your sweet pup, Bolo?

ST: We love traveling with our whole family and that includes Bolo! We have taken Bolo on numerous beach trips, but our favorite trips with her are certainly our summer visits to Maine. While our family’s official motto is “no dogs on the boat” we declared that just for sail boats. We have taken Bolo out on our family boat, Gig, and she loved the wind in her face. The only thing we really worry about with Bolo in Maine are the porcupines!

Samantha & Graham Terhune Photography

M&M: How did you survive the long drive you made this past summer from North Carolina to Maine and back? Any road trip tips you’d like to share?

ST: We broke the trip up! On the way up we stopped in Connecticut to visit some dear friends for a few days and on the way home, we stopped at the Hotel Fauchere in Milford, Pennsylvania. This was thanks to a recommendation from Map & Menu. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made. It is always sad for us to leave Maine, but we had another exciting place to look forward to. The hotel was warm, welcoming and situated in an adorable town. A memory I will never forget is my little family all sitting on the floor eating room service together. It was probably the most expensive room service we’ve ever eaten and it was worth it! I am not sure I have very good tips for traveling with a baby in the car other than ear plugs and patience.

Samantha & Graham Terhune Photography

M&M: Switching gears a bit – what are some of your favorite spots in the Triangle?

ST: We feel so lucky to call Chapel Hill home. We love so many things about living here and especially all of the delicious places to eat. A few of our favorites include … Neal’s Deli, Sandwhich, Lantern, 411 West, Pizzeria Toro, Mateo, Nana’s and so many more!

Samantha & Graham Terhune Photography

M&M: What does your family’s perfect day in Chapel Hill look like?

ST: Biscuits at Neal’s Deli for breakfast. A hike in the Piedmont Nature Trails and maybe a picnic lunch. Grocery shopping as a family. Taking Bolo for a walk around the UNC Frisbee golf course, giving Perry a bath and putting him to bed. Cooking a nice meal and opening a delicious bottle of wine and enjoying the evening together!

Samantha & Graham Terhune Photography

M&M: It seems as though you two have always loved to travel together. We’d love to hear about one of the more special trips you’ve taken as a couple.

ST: We will always remember our honeymoon to France. We had the best time exploring Southern France. We traveled for ten days and spend the first few relaxing at a beautiful hotel in Gargas, then we traveled down to the Cote d’Azur and visited Cassis and the Calangques. We spent the final portion of our honeymoon exploring Paris and ending with a meal we will never forget at La Tour d’Argent. Overall, we wouldn’t change a thing about our honeymoon. It was truly perfect. We are happy that we started in relax mode, which we needed after our wedding. It was fun to have Paris to look forward to and it was a great final stop on our trip.

Samantha & Graham Terhune Photography

M&M: Any bucket list trips on your radar, as a family or a couple?

ST: New Zealand. We know that it is an adventure we want to take one day with our family. In addition, Graham and I are looking forward to a trip to Greece next summer!

Samantha & Graham Terhune Photography

All photos taken by the talented duo behind Graham Terhune Photography – we’re so grateful to be able to share these stunning images on Map & Menu! 

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Four years ago, our trip to Montpelier Plantation on the island of Nevis, served as a major source of inspiration for Michael and I to launch Map & Menu, and just a few weeks ago, we finally had the chance to return – this time shooting some imagery for the very place that opened our eyes to what the hotel experience could be. Although we felt a sense of comfort returning somewhere we’d been before, there was also a unique excitement accompanying that comfort, since we knew exactly what was waiting for us at the end of our 13 hour journey to the island.

Many of the reasons we originally fell in love with Montpelier in 2011 are still there, largely unchanged – Kaddy’s rum punches, the friendly, welcoming staff, pre-dinner cocktails with other guests, the beautiful pool, the ancient mill, and that timeless weeping fig tree that guards the entrance. And although we’d be just fine feeling as though the property and our experiences there had fallen into a bubble of forgotten time, we were greeted with plenty of newness on this trip – the colorful new rooms, the peaceful private beach, the small modern updates, and friendly new additions to the staff.

It’s reassuring to know that your memories of a place and experience can actually be improved upon by returning, and although this new time we spent on the island will serve as a brand new set of memories that we’ll fondly think back on, its easy to view each trip to the island as a set of building blocks toward a greater timeless experience, where you dream about your return in the time between. In the words of our waitress, Vanetta, as she tried to cheer us up at breakfast on our final morning, “you have to leave to come again.”

Montpelier Plantation Pool

Room 3 Montpelier Plantation

Montpelier Plantation Room 3

Weeping Fig Tree Montpelier Plantation

Montpelier Plantation Mill

Montpelier Rum Punch

Montpelier Plantation Great Room

Montpelier Plantation Pool Restaurant

Pool at Montpelier Plantation

Map and Menu Nevis Travel Guide

Montpelier Plantation

Relais and Chateaux Montpelier Plantation

Montpelier Plantation

Pool at Montpelier Plantation Nevis

Montpelier Plantation

Montpelier Plantation Hammock

Montpelier Plantation Inn Nevis

Nevis Travel Guide

Montpelier Plantation Weeping Fig Tree

Montpelier Plantation Tree

Montpelier Plantation Massage

Michael at Montpelier Plantation

Montpelier Plantation Great Room

Map and Menu

Montpelier Plantation Mill Restaurant

Montpelier Plantation Dinner at The Mill

The Mill Nevis Dinner

Relais and Chateaux Montpelier Plantation

Montpelier Plantation Inn Nevis

The Mill Montpelier Plantation

Restaurant 750 Nevis

Montpelier Plantation Nevis Pool

Montpelier Plantation Nevis

Nevis Caribbean

This post is in collaboration with Montpelier Plantation. All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Montpelier Plantation

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