Map and Menu
Photo by Graham Terhune

We’re Meredith & Michael, two southern transplants living in Portland, Maine with our best friend – a giant black dog named Orvis.

Inspired by our love for food and travel, we created Map & Menu to be a resource for travelers just like us. We think of the site as a collection of our very best – the places we love staying, the food we love eating, and the things we love doing. Through the Travel Guides we create, we’re able to help others plan their own memorable vacations, showcasing the businesses and places that have inspired us throughout our┬átravels. Well-designed spaces and extraordinary meals truly excite us, and we love having a platform to share those experiences with others.

Over the years, the site has grown and allowed us to partner with businesses and brands to create visually rich food and travel-focused content to help them share their own stories. For more information about partnering with us, click here.

We’re so happy you found your way to our site – we hope you stay awhile and leave feeling inspired to plan a night out or a weekend getaway of your own.

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