Palace Diner Greg Mitchell and Chad Conley

A couple of weeks ago, Meredith and I had the opportunity to sit down with Palace Diner’s Chad Conley and Greg Mitchell for the first of a new interview series that we’re starting on the site. We were particularly excited to kick off the series with Chad and Greg, after they recently closed the diner for a month for some much needed rest and two pretty amazing trips. Chad spent his vacation with friends in Panama and Toronto, while Greg and his fiance Meg traveled west to southern California, Hawaii, and the other Portland. After an (always) outstanding meal at Palace, we spoke with them about their trips, their travel styles, and the community they’re building around the diner. The way that they both use food and cooking to get a better feeling for an area’s culture is something that Meredith and I can certainly appreciate, while their authentic, relaxed approach to exploring the places they visit will no doubt serve as inspiration on our own future trips.


M&M: Of your trips, do you have any that you might consider to be the most memorable?

CC: This trip (to Bastamentos) was a particularly good one for me, especially because I was visiting a friend who’s been in this totally foreign – totally foreign to me – culture, so I was able to show up in a situation that would normally be really intimidating for me and just be at home. His girlfriend’s family welcomed me, I got to meet all of her huge extended family, I got to party with them, I got to eat with them everyday, I got to get to know all of his friends there and that part of the experience is pretty rare for someone traveling to a place that’s that foreign. It made it pretty special, having access to foods and all sorts of cultural experiences that I wouldn’t have had if I wasn’t visiting him.

GM: Similarly with what Chad’s saying, a lot of traveling I do at this point, it ends up working out well but it’s definitely because of financial reasons, too – you end up traveling where you have friends or family and it turns out to be a really great thing because you’re immersed in the culture. Probably the most memorable memory from my trip was visiting some friends from Los Angeles who are both botanists and they took us out to Joshua Tree National Park and gave us a botany tour of the park. We picked up a bunch of ingredients at this Mexican supermarket in Pasadena before we left and went camping in Joshua Tree and made a Mexican taco feast in the desert, camped out, and drank beers. That was probably the best food experience of the trip. In thinking about the trip, we ate a lot of really great meals out but the most memorable one was just being out in the middle of the desert and grilling.


M&M: You just returned from traveling, so you might not even have an answer right away, but are there any places you’re hoping to visit next?

CC: This part of Canada around Maine is really fascinating to me and I’d like to explore it a bit. Across the border in a few different areas, but I would love to go farther north and east. I also like the idea of going up there because there are parts of the experience that are really closely related to living here, but the differences really stand out in a fun way because of that similarity.

GM: I really want to do a Southeast Asia trip and check out Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam, and probably parts of Thailand. I think that part of the world is becoming more and more popular for people who like to travel and people who like to eat, and I would love to see parts of it before they’re totally destroyed by tourism. I know the north of thailand is less touched than the south, and even that’s a popular place right now. I’d love to get there before the next ten years of tourism make it less interesting. I love Asian food. I like to cook Asian food. I like to eat Asian food.


M&M: What about your perfect day off in Maine – what does that look like for you?

GM: I wake up really late and come to Palace Diner and watch everyone work… No, I had a pretty perfect day off yesterday. It usually involves two or three things – one is a great breakfast which is usually not at home – I like to cook at home, I just don’t like to cook breakfast at home because we do so much of that here. We went to Saigon and got banh mi for breakfast, took our dog for a walk in the Standish, Sebago Lake area, and then came back to town and went food shopping and made an awesome dinner. That’s the trifecta. Something outdoors like a good walk and two good meals – two of the three pillars are good meals.

CC: Sleeping in and going out to breakfast is a great start. A motorcycle ride at some point – whether it’s to get from point A to point B, or just for the hell of it. That is a great thing.

GM: Yes, when a motorcycle ride can be intertwined with your outdoor activity that’s even better. A summer evening motorcycle ride for a drink or dinner, that’s nice.

CC: Going to the beach in the summertime, going to Ferry Beach. On my days off I like to be social at least one part of the day – whether that’s going to a party or having people over for drinks. To me that’s my day off, hanging out with people.


M&M: And cooking at home, you like to cook Asian food at home, Greg?

GM: I attempt to cook Asian at home. I have no background, I’ve never worked in an Asian restaurant. I have a few cookbooks.

CC: We both bought rice cookers this past fall.

GM: Chad got one. That sounded awesome to me. I really love Asian food and there’s not a ton of it around here – there’s a few places to go for certain things, but there’s not a huge variety of Asian food in Maine, and it’s very different from what we do here so I enjoy the challenge. We cook a lot of American, fun, rich foods here, and when I’m at home I want to eat spicy rice, different meats, lots of herbs, soy sauce, fish sauce, lime. I just crave those flavors all the time, so on my days off after being here and snacking on tuna and eggs for five days straight I just want to eat nothing but Asian food.

CC: I’m a much less ambitious home cook than Greg. I cook a lot of – think of it as healthy bachelor pad food. Simple vegetables, rice. If we make breakfast at home, just pancakes or eggs and toast. I like to eat very simply. When Rachel was away for a month this past fall, that’s when I bought the rice cooker. And that’s how I found myself eating brown rice and vegetables, things that came together pretty quickly and were really healthy.

GM: The other thing I like to make is pasta. I worked in Rome for a bit, so Roman pasta is cacio e pepe, alla gricia, carbonara, and for me those dishes are very homey and simple. I can whip up a simple Roman pasta in 15 minutes and that’s a good trick to have up your sleeve.


M&M: What are your go-to restaurants in Portland?

CC: The Phoenix did a thing about my go-to restaurant a couple months ago and I think many of the other people that they interviewed for this series chose more high-end places and I chose Pizza Villa which is by far my favorite restaurant. I go there at least once a week, hang out and get beers, catch up with friends, or hang out with Rachel. I love it there.

GM: My current favorite is Saigon, a super simple family-run Vietnamese restaurant. They have really great pho. After being in a restaurant, you don’t always want to have a restaurant experience. I don’t always want to be presented with a very thoughtful service. I just want to get a bowl of noodle soup and talk to my fiance or friends. We went to Huong’s the other evening on St. John’s and it’s the same thing, the service is simple and the food is tasty, and back to Asian food, it lends itself to sharing. It’s a fun cuisine to go out and share with friends.

CC: Greg & I go to meetings at Becky’s, too. We like it there.

GM: If I want a nicer meal, I tend to end up at Eventide. I like what those guys do a lot.

Palace Diner

At this point, the conversation meandered for a little bit while we discussed favorite restaurants, keeping up with the growing Portland food scene, and and the community of regulars they’re building in Biddeford.

GM: When you get to build a sense of community in a restaurant or cafe, it’s pretty awesome. When Tandem first opened in Portland, it was a spot where we’d both grab a coffee and end up spending an hour there because all your friends were there or because you’d meet new people and make friends there. When we opened this place, we thought how cool it would be if that happened here, and to not only see that happen here but happen in Biddeford makes us really happy.

M&M: It’s even more special because people are having to drive a bit further to get here.

GM: It’s a huge compliment to be 20 miles south of a thriving food city and people are leaving it to come eat here. It shows promise.

Pork Chop at Palace Diner

M&M: Do you have any holdovers from the old Palace?

CC: There’s a handful of people, that it wouldn’t matter who owned it, they’d come in.

GM: There are the real holdovers, the guy who comes in and says he hasn’t been here since 1950. We had a guy who came in last weekend, pretty surly and he looked miserable, wasn’t being very friendly, and he hadn’t been in for years. We get these old timers occasionally where they see a review and they don’t get it. they don’t understand what’s happening with all the tattoos, and the young people and the music.  I think, for me, the most satisfying customers are those ones that we then serve our flapjacks and they’re like “oh, this is a delicious stack of flapjacks, I don’t give a shit about anything else. I’ll be back.” That’s really satisfying. Our prices are a little higher, the quality of our ingredients is a little higher, so when an old timer can recognize that we make some damn good food and that they’ll be back even though it’s more money than the place around the corner, it’s awesome. There are a lot of people who get what we’re doing and think it’s great – that’s what keeps us going, but it’s a lot of fun when someone doesn’t get what you’re doing but they still can see that you’re doing a good job making food and making people happy.

Palace Diner Cheeseburger

M&M: What is your favorite Palace dish to cook or eat?

GM: I think my favorite thing to eat is the Deluxe and my favorite thing to cook is flapjacks. I get a lot of satisfaction out of making perfectly round, perfectly golden flapjacks, and they smell delicious – that smell never gets old.

CC: The Deluxe is probably my favorite to eat. Our food is so simple to cook. I just enjoy that process, cooking as a whole. There’s not just one item that I look forward to cooking. I do like assembling the fried chicken sandwich, actually. That’s a fun one. Every time we put it in the window, I love looking at people’s faces when they see it. People laugh and smile. I love that we are able to create that moment for people.

Chad and Greg of Palace Diner

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Roast Chicken at Francine Bistro

Francine has been on our list of places to eat in Midcoast for ages, after years of hearing about friends’ fantastic meals there. So when I scheduled a couple of shoots in the area earlier this April, I hopped on the phone and secured a reservation that seems to have been years in the making at the charming French bistro.I promise that the wait was more than worth it though, as everything we ended up tasting that night – from the White Negroni & Moscow Fuel drinks with which we started, to the rich and creamy crab risotto we shared, right through to the final bites of my perfectly crisp chicken and Michael’s fish – was nothing short of fantastic.

Midway through devouring the pine, black butter, and sea salt mussels appetizer  – a dish that has set new, very high standards for mussels for the two of us – Michael proclaimed, “it doesn’t get more Maine than these ingredients!” True. But the same could be said about the meal itself. The largely locally-sourced food, was honest, unpretentious, yet deliciously memorable, not unlike Maine itself. It’s no wonder that Chef Brian Hill is repeatedly recognized by the James Beard Foundation and featured in national publications – what he’s creating in Camden at Francine and in Rockport at Shepherd’s Pie is a delectable homage to Maine’s natural beauty and flavor.

Francine Camden Maine

Francine Bistro Camden Maine

White Negroni Francine Camden

Mussls at Francine Bistro

Francine Bistro Camden ME

Crab Risotto Francine Bistro

Dinner at Francine Bistro

Francine Bistro Maine

All photos by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Bao Bao Dumpling House Maine

When the James Beard Semifinalists were announced in February, followed by the final nominees last month, Meredith and I were thrilled to see Maine chefs and restaurants represented so well on the list. In the past, we’ve enjoyed and written about our meals from many of the nominees, so when San Pellegrino reached out to sponsor a post about their Sweet Finish Dinner Series, celebrating the Rising Star Chef of the Year category (which includes Maine’s own Cara Stadler of Tao Yuan and Bao Bao), we were very excited to share the event:

S.Pellegrino® Sweet Finish Dinner at Tao Yuan

Reflecting its passion for excellence and long-time commitment to emerging culinary talent, S.Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water is proud to support the Rising Star Chef of the Year for The James Beard Foundation Awards.

Event Details: On Wednesday, April 29th, S.Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water will be inviting diners at Tao Yuan, in Brunswick, to join them in celebrating chef Cara Stadler’s James Beard Rising Star Chef of the Year Award Nomination. In honor of this accomplishment, the first 50 tables seated for dinner service will receive complimentary S.Pellegrino and dessert. Diners are encouraged to share their memorable dining experiences on social media, offering well wishes for chef Cara Stadler at the James Beard Foundation Awards, to be held in Chicago on May 4th.

S.Pellegrino is dedicated to supporting rising leaders in the culinary industry on a national and global level, with exciting programs, including the S.Pellegrino Young Chef and S.Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef competitions.

S.Pellegrino is a premium sparkling natural mineral water that flows naturally from a thermal spring in Val Brembana, in the foothills of the Italian Alps, in the territory of San Pellegrino Terme, near Bergamo (Lombard).

Since opening, Tao Yuan has become one of Brunswick and Maine’s more prominent restaurants, and chef Cara Stadler, one of Maine’s more prominent chefs. When her second restaurant, Bao Bao, came to town this past year, Portland gained a delicious new dumpling option – one that Meredith required little arm twisting to visit to grab the photos for this post (the Asian slaw was a favorite dish and must-try from our last meal at Bao Bao). It’s incredible to see a chef in Brunswick garnering such national attention in a category whose nominees are almost entirely from cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, DC, and Los Angeles. We wish Cara the absolute best of luck and can’t wait to celebrate her nomination at Tao on Wednesday. We hope you’ll spread the word and look forward to seeing you there!

This post was in partnership with S.Pellegrino, but all thoughts and opinions are our own. Be sure to check out S.Pellegrino on Facebook and Instagram, and thank you for supporting Map & Menu’s partners, who help to make this adventure of ours a possibility. 

Cara Stadler Rising Star James Beard Foundation

San Pellegrino Rising Star James Beard Foundation

San Pellegrino James Beard Foundation

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for S.Pellegrino

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Croissants Food and Wine

Michael and I spent this past weekend making croissants for the first time. My birthday was on Sunday, so I figured that there would be no better time to request that we spend a full weekend popping in and out of the kitchen, preparing these delicious, buttery treats! We began by making the sponge on Friday night, and spent a chunk of saturday rolling, resting, and folding. On Sunday morning once the dough thawed from its overnight in the freezer, we got to work with the final rolling, cutting,  and forming of the croissants. We even made our own pain au chocolat by folding bits of chocolate into a few of the croissants!

Once we took our first bites of pain au chocolat, fresh from the oven and oozing with chocolate, our fear that perhaps we’d wasted an entire weekend tending to these croissants disappeared completely. Of course, they didn’t taste quite as good as the dozens of croissants we ate while we were in France a few summers ago, or our go-to croissants we pick up from Scratch on the weekends – but that didn’t matter one bit, they were our croissants and they were delicious. Though to be completely fair, five sticks of butter could make just about anything taste amazing, right?

Here’s the recipe we used from Frenchie’s featured in a recent issue of Food & Wine. We’re eager to start comparing and experimenting with other recipes… because we’ve gotten way too used to the idea of starting our mornings with warm croissants and apricot jam.

Croissant Recipe

Croissants Food and Wine Magazine

Food and Wine Croissants

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu. 

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Wine Time at Blue Spoon Maine

When shooting film you find that every now and then a forgotten roll surfaces, and if you’re lucky, when you develop it, some pleasant memories are uncovered. Finding this most recent roll filled with images we took during a Wine Time at Blue Spoon with Orvis was just one of those cases. While planning the details for our tiny wedding, we sat outside one of our favorite restaurants as fall settled in around us. We sipped the featured $2 glasses of wine and snacked on mussels, roasted fingerlings, and crostini, as Orvis made friends with people passing by. It’s amazing how these memories come rushing back now that we have the photos.

As it starts to (slowly) warm up around these parts, we’re looking forward to sharing many simple evenings outside with good food and our best friend.

Blue Spoon Wine Time

Dog Friendly Portland Maine Restaurant

Dog Friendly Restaurants Maine

Roasted Fingerlings at Blue Spoon

Blue Spoon Mussels

Snacks at Blue Spoon Wine Time

Wine Time at Blue Spoon

Mussels at Blue Spoon Maine

Dog Friendly Portland Maine

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu. 

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Down East Instagram Takeover

This past weekend, Michael and I had the pleasure of taking over the Down East instagram account for two food and fun-filled days in Portland and the Midcoast. We visited old and new favorites alike, sampling delicious dishes and drinks, while sharing the experience with Down East’s enthusiastic audience.

Here’s a sampling of our photos below, and make sure to follow Down East’s Instagram account for future takeovers!


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East Ender, Portland Maine via Map & Menu

Hearing that Small Axe truck would be closing in favor of a brick and mortar location last year was a bittersweet moment for Meredith and myself. In their first year, a Saturday morning coffee from Tandem, breakfast at Small Axe, and a trip to the farmer’s market had become our norm, and in their second year, anytime we found ourselves remotely near Congress Square Park, you could guarantee we’d be stopping by. Their shrimp & grits and fried chicken biscuits at the Portland Flea-for-All was one of our favorite meals of 2013, and it seemed as though their breakfast and rice bowls could simply do no wrong. What would happen when they closed? Would the new restaurant deviate from the tried & true offerings that garnered – and deservednational attention?

It turns out that all of our worrying was for naught because now that we’ve tried Karl Deuben & Bill Leavy’s reincarnation of the East Ender on our favorite block of Middle Street (read: one of the most delicious blocks in all of Portland), we realized that it’s not the truck that made the meal, but the chefs behind the grill.

Meredith and I are minimalists at heart, so the clean, open, light-filled interior of the new East Ender is a welcome sight. We stopped by for lunch this week and were happy to see familiar favorites like the cold smoked burger and the rice bowl, alongside new additions like the BLT and the fried chicken sandwich. On this trip, one of what will surely be many, Meredith ordered her beloved rice bowl with bok choy and potatoes and I went with the suggestion of our waitress – the BLT. Adding a little flavor and lair, my BLT was made with two thick pieces of pork belly in lieu of bacon, and finished with avocado and a miso mayo. I’ve been heralding the BLT at Blue Spoon as my favorite in town for years, but this one definitely gives it a run for its money. Ignoring our full stomachs, we even rallied and ordered the roasted pineapple hand pies with coconut sorbet – a delightful combination of tropical flavors not typically found in Maine.

In retrospect, we realize our lamenting over Small Axe’s closing was a little ill-founded, and now that we’ve fallen for their new menu, we couldn’t be more excited to taste what Karl & Bill cook up next at the East Ender.

East Ender, Portland Maine via Map & Menu

East Ender, Portland Maine via Map & Menu

East Ender, Portland Maine via Map & Menu

East Ender, Portland Maine via Map & Menu

East Ender, Portland Maine via Map & Menu

East Ender, Portland Maine via Map & Menu

East Ender, Portland Maine via Map & Menu

East Ender, Portland Maine via Map & Menu

East Ender, Portland Maine via Map & Menu

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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Hunt and Alpine Staff Party at Piccolo, by Meredith Perdue

Last week Meredith and I had the amazing opportunity to attend a private dinner celebrating two of our local favorites – the staff party of Hunt & Alpine at Piccolo. When Andrew and Briana reached out to us about documenting their annual party and joining them for a custom, goat-centric menu by Damien and Ilma, the arm-twisting was minimal and we excitedly added the date to our calendar.

Although the space at Piccolo is always warm, cozy, and inviting, having the tables pulled together in one large family-style setting and watching everyone gather around the counter for drinks and conversation made it feel like we were having a dinner at the home of good friends. We’ve never had a dish from Piccolo that hasn’t been phenomenal, but Damien, Luke, and Ilma truly outdid themselves with the menu that evening. From the charred goat heart ‘tartare’, to the wild snails with black trumpet mushrooms and pancetta, and the chocolate sea salt budino with warm goats milk espuma, we found ourselves wanting more and more of every last dish.

The meal aside, the Hunt + Alpine “family” is a delightful collection of people – almost all of whom we were officially meeting for the first time, but every last one made us feel like we’d been a part of the crew forever. The conversation, laughter, and shared experience was unforgettable, and undoubtedly something we’ll remember for a very long time. Seeing one group of individuals, whose work we’ve always admired and respected, come together to celebrate around the food and drink of another outstanding team was inspiring to say the least. “Thank you” just doesn’t seem to even begin to cover our gratitude.

Hunt and Alpine Staff Party at Piccolo, by Meredith Perdue

Hunt and Alpine Staff Party at Piccolo, by Meredith Perdue

Hunt and Alpine Staff Party at Piccolo, by Meredith Perdue

Hunt and Alpine Staff Party at Piccolo, by Meredith Perdue

Hunt and Alpine Staff Party at Piccolo, by Meredith Perdue

Hunt and Alpine Staff Party at Piccolo, by Meredith Perdue

Hunt and Alpine Staff Party at Piccolo, by Meredith Perdue

Hunt and Alpine Staff Party at Piccolo, by Meredith Perdue

Hunt and Alpine Staff Party at Piccolo, by Meredith Perdue

Hunt and Alpine Staff Party at Piccolo, by Meredith Perdue

Hunt and Alpine Staff Party at Piccolo, by Meredith Perdue

Hunt and Alpine Staff Party at Piccolo, by Meredith Perdue

Hunt and Alpine Staff Party at Piccolo, by Meredith Perdue

Hunt and Alpine Staff Party at Piccolo, by Meredith Perdue

Hunt and Alpine Staff Party at Piccolo, by Meredith Perdue

Hunt and Alpine Staff Party at Piccolo, by Meredith Perdue

Hunt and Alpine Staff Party at Piccolo, by Meredith Perdue

Hunt and Alpine Staff Party at Piccolo, by Meredith Perdue

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for the Portland Hunt & Alpine Club.

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Greenwich Village Travel Guide

In the midst of a whirlwind early summer this past year, it looks as though we never got around to posting about the quick girls trip I took with my mother to New York last May – what a shame! It all works out though, because I’m happy to be reliving the warmth and colors of spring in New York during the middle of winter, aren’t you? While my mother spent a day working with a client, I was happy to wander around the Village, photographing charming stoops, popping into cute shops, and having some delicious meals. Here are a few highlights from our trip last spring! 

The Marlton + Margaux

The Marlton’s rooms, branding, and restaurant, Margaux, are all packed with a quirky personality that perfectly balances style and expression. I loved every moment of my stay there. Read more about our time at The Marlton here. 

Cafe Cluny

Dining at Cafe Cluny has been high on my list since reading about it on Cup of Jo ages ago. It was our first meal in the city during this trip, and easily one of the tastiest. Our meal reminded me of one of Michael’s favorite restaurant critiques – the food was simple, yet perfectly prepared. The charming atmosphere and the meandering walks we enjoyed to and from Cafe Cluny only added to our experience.

Jeffrey’s Grocery

While my mother was working with a client in the city, I moseyed around the Village before I ended up at the delightful oyster bar, Jeffrey’s Grocery. The weather was just right for a glass of rose, a heaping salade Niçoise, and plenty of people watching!

Mermaid Oyster Bar

I walked down to the Mermaid Oyster Bar for a snack before I had to head uptown to a client meeting of my own – the happy hour specials here are not to be missed, neither are the shrimp & avocado sliders!

Cafe Gitane

A recommendation from Mackenzie’s blog, Cafe Gitane, inside The Jane Hotel, was a perfect spot for us to spend our final morning in New York. We swapped stories from the day we spent apart and watched the rain come down while feasting on the most comforting of breakfast foods – baked eggs and pain au chocolat.

What are some of your favorite spots in the West Village/Greenwich Village? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below. I have my heart set on trying Rosemary’s, Palma, Red Farm, Perla, or Claudette for our next visit. But returning to Buvette would also be a treat! Read more about our past trips down to New York here

The Marlton Hotel NYC

Margaux NYC

Cafe Cluny NY

Cafe Cluny

Cafe Cluny Salmon

Washington Square Park

West Village Travel Guide

Jeffrey's Grocery

Jeffrey's Grocery NY

West Village City Guide

Greenwich Village City Guide

Mermaid Inn

Mermaid Oyster Bar

Greenwich Village NYC

West Village NY

Friends Apartment

Cafe Gitane Jane Hotel

Cafe Gitane West Village

Cafe Gitane

Greenwich Village

Washington Square Park NY

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu

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Maine & Loire Wine Shop in Portland, Maine

Earlier this week, Meredith and I had the opportunity to drop by Portland’s newest wine shop – Maine & Loire. We’ve been anxiously anticipating their opening ever since meeting the co-owners, Peter and Orenda, and having the opportunity to hear about their ideas and inspiration for the shop. Concentrating on organic and natural wines, many of which are new to Maine, just about every hand-selected bottle from their selection is unique. Bright and open, with friendly, casual branding, the shop itself feels much more relaxed than most other wine stores. Meredith and I spent plenty of time browsing the selection of bottles – many with humorous and helpful handwritten notes – and found ourselves with a handful of new French and Italian wines to try over the coming weeks. When you visit, be sure to introduce yourself to the owners for a fantastic recommendation, and check out their Instagram feed for new wines as they arrive… you can bet that we’ll be glued to it for our next bottle!

Maine & Loire Wine Shop in Portland, Maine

Maine & Loire Wine Shop in Portland, Maine

Maine & Loire Wine Shop in Portland, Maine

Maine & Loire Wine Shop in Portland, Maine Maine & Loire Wine Shop in Portland, Maine

Maine & Loire Wine Shop in Portland, Maine

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