Revisit: Hotel Fauchère

When planning my drive from Maine to West Virginia last month for a wedding, I decided to split up the drive and stop at one of our favorite hotels – Hotel Fauchère in Milford, PA. We’ve only ever stayed at Hotel Fauchère during the winter months, so it was such a treat to see the hotel looking lovely in the summertime! Upon arriving, I was delighted to see that the red & white striped awnings were out, the flag was flying, flowers were blooming in the garden, and there were even diners taking advantage of the beautiful summer evening by … Continue reading Revisit: Hotel Fauchère

Hotel Fauchère

A few years ago Michael, Orvis, and I were down in North Carolina, visiting our families for the Christmas holiday, when a substantial snowstorm made its way up the east coast, messing up our typical (at the time) one day all-the-way return trip. Our travel plans weren’t too flexible, as I had a wedding to shoot up in Maine on New Year’s Eve, so we decided to take the westerly route in an attempt to avoid most of the snow and traffic, knowing we’d need to spend the night somewhere near Scranton, PA since the driving would be so slow. … Continue reading Hotel Fauchère