Montpelier Plantation

Let’s get down to the bread and butter of why, even with significant trips south and to France slated for the first half of this year, Meredith and I spent quite a few hours in front of the computer this January, trying desperately to figure out the logistics of squeezing in a trip back to Nevis in between other trips (sadly we ultimately decided that we couldn’t this year, but it’s a must for next year).  Montpelier Plantation, in my book, has to be one of the purest examples of a relaxation getaway that could possibly exist.  I’ll start with … Continue reading Montpelier Plantation

Dining at Montpelier Plantation (The Mill & 750)

The first night at Montpelier Plantation, during the cocktail hour, I found it a little funny that random visitors from the Four Seasons on the other side of the island were showing up for dinner, but after tasting the splendid meal that evening, I realized that the food and dining experience at Montpelier was an attraction in itself. These weren’t hastily-prepared meals from a limited and long-set menu – each day, careful consideration was given toward the freshest of ingredients from the island, and the way in which they would be prepared.  You would receive a menu at the social … Continue reading Dining at Montpelier Plantation (The Mill & 750)