Castle Hill Inn

Our general rule of thumb for Map & Menu is to write only about the things Meredith and I truly enjoy, so it’s rare to find anything but praise in our stories, but when I say that our stay at the Castle Hill Inn was amazing, I earnestly mean just that – simply fantastic, without a single thing to change before our next stay‚Ķ which if we have our way will be for a much greater amount of time, in the very near future. Continue reading Castle Hill Inn

A Map & Menu Weekend: 09.07-09.09

Last Thursday Michael and I made the trip down to one of our favorite New England towns, Newport, RI, for yet another wedding! When we weren’t shooting various parts of the wedding celebration, we were trying to spend as much time at our beautiful inn as possible. (You’ll see why we wanted to spend every second possible at the lovely Castle Hill Inn when we post the photos soon!) Michael left for a work trip in San Diego the day after the wedding, while I made my way up the coast of Maine for another wedding on Mount Desert Island. … Continue reading A Map & Menu Weekend: 09.07-09.09


When researching where we should go for dinner while we were in Newport, I needed to look no further than the new england book our dear friend Chelsey gave us when we launched Map & Menu earlier this year. This was going to be a very special dinner for Michael & I, as he had just accepted a job with his dream (!) company, Automattic, the company who manages WordPress! We thought that a celebration dinner in Newport would make the trip even more special, and Fluke turned out to be the perfect setting for our festive meal! We … Continue reading Fluke

Mill Street Inn

I came across the website for Mill Street Inn a few years ago while reading the Design*Sponge city guide on Newport. The hotel clearly made an impression, and years later, while booking accommodations for our trip to Newport during one of the busiest weekends of the year in Newport (the America’s Cup was in town!), I was able to get a room at this charming inn, a former 19th century mill. We loved every single aspect of our stay at Mill Street Inn – the juxtaposition of old & new throughout the building, the minimalist/modern feel of the room & … Continue reading Mill Street Inn