Black Trumpet Bistro

Portsmouth’s Black Trumpet Bistro made its way onto our “hopeful reservations” list when Meredith read about it in eat. shop. new england – a wonderful gift from our good friend Chelsey Brennan, which contains a number of our favorite, locally owned shops and restaurants in Portland and other parts of New England (you should check it out if you’re from the area, planning a trip, or looking to get your fill of regional envy). As author Jan Faust Dane puts it, “Black Trumpet kinda has it all.”, and Mere and I would have to agree – delicious, locally sourced food, a … Continue reading Black Trumpet Bistro

Shop Tour: Gus & Ruby Letterpress

Portsmouth, New Hampshire is quickly becoming one of our favorite towns to visit in the immediate area. It has a great colonial feel, delicious restaurants, and fantastic shops – our favorite of which is Gus & Ruby Letterpress. In fact, Michael & I have never been to Portsmouth without stopping in to this darling shop, located right on Congress Street in the heart of downtown! In 2008, Samantha and Whitney started Gus & Ruby (named after their adorable dogs), doing custom design and letterpress, and shortly thereafter, opened a storefront to feature their work and other well-designed and creatively-crafted goods. … Continue reading Shop Tour: Gus & Ruby Letterpress