Revisit: Lunch at Sonny’s

Last week, Meredith shared a meal with friends at Sonny’s, and ever since then has been insisting that Map & Menu revisit one of her favorite lunches in town. Never one to say ‘no’ to a mid-day cocktail, and looking for another way to celebrate our recent Portland Phoenix nomination, I took her up on the suggestion, and we spent a leisurely lunch with some delicious drinks and fantastic food. Continue reading Revisit: Lunch at Sonny’s

Lunch at Sonny’s

As September blows on past, we are realizing that our opportunities to take Orvis along for Tuesday lunches are rapidly disappearing, so we decided that from here on out, weather permitting, every Tuesday lunch will be somewhere in town with outdoor seating – at least until we’re shivering too much to enjoy the meals. Sonny’s, on Exchange Street in the Old Port provides the requisite cafe seating, and since we’d already been meaning to give it a try, we rushed over to beat the rain yesterday, and enjoyed some tasty drinks (a Caiprinha for her, an Anchor Liberty Ale for … Continue reading Lunch at Sonny’s