2015 Memories


Michael and I took an unintentional couple of months off from blogging toward the end of 2015. In fact, our posting for the entire year was a bit light compared to years past. That’s not to say that 2015 wasn’t anything to write home about – in fact, it was quite the opposite. We both remarked at various points throughout the year that 2015 really was the best year yet for our little family of three. In addition to the fantastic trips we took and the delicious meals we ate, we made so many memories together. As Orvis gets older, we continue to get even more sentimental about the time we spend with him (Read: we become crazier and crazier about him.), so twice daily walks and mornings at the beach became the standard, and in doing so, we made the happiest memories together. For me, there couldn’t be a better real life example of finding true joy through the simplicity.

2015 might not have been our most adventurous or glamorous, but it sure was one of the happiest. Here’s to recreating that same feeling year after year!

And because our “best of” posts are always my favorites to compile, we’ll be back on Friday with a combined Best of 2015 Food + Hotels post!




Meredith and Orvis

Boston Travel Guide


Kettle Cove Maine


Mt. Tom Woodstock Vermont

Sunset in Provincetown


Sheepscot River ME






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