A Map & Menu Holiday

Meredith, Orvis, and I spent the holidays taking a break from our computers, hanging out together, and taking full advantage of the Maine winter. There were presents, food, trips to the farm, snowshoeing, and just some much needed rest and relaxation.

Here are a few of our instagrams from our blogging break (using the new Jetpack tiled galleries feature)!

Now that the holidays are over, we’re back and better than ever! This week, we’re beyond excited to be sharing our ‘Best of 2012’ posts, featuring our favorite hotels, restaurants, and trips. It’s been an amazing year and we’re stoked to relive some of it with you guys, so be sure to check back in with us tomorrow morning!

4 thoughts on “A Map & Menu Holiday

  1. fabulous holiday shots of your house and orvis….and i actually recognize some wonderful shots of marianmade farm. the one of mere in front of the barn may be one of my favorites of all time…
    happy new year and stay well!!

  2. As it is supposed to reach the upper 60’s and maybe even hit 70 later this week, I am wildly jealous of this post. Score 2 points for Maine!

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