A Map & Menu Weekend: 01.18-01.20

Michael & I absolutely love having friends of ours come to visit us in Maine. It provides the perfect excuse to get to visit many of your favorite places, restaurants, and shops, all in one weekend.

This weekend, hosting our friends Ed & Meg from New York, was no exception. We literally ate our way through a chunk of Portland in two days – sandwiches at Aurora Provisions, hot chocolate at Sweet Marguerites, drinks at Local 188, dinner at Caiola’s, brunch at Vignola, french fries & churros at Duckfat, and bagels from Scratch. When we weren’t eating (which seemed to not happen often) we were walking around the Old Port, shopping at L.L. Bean, visiting lighthouses, and playing with Orvis! We were sad to see Ed & Meg leave this morning, but we’re already happily planning for their return visit.

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