A Map & Menu Weekend: 03.15-03.17

Even though it was a little chillier than we’d have liked it to be, Michael & I had a fantastic weekend! Friday night we met our friend, Anestes, for dinner at a brand new restaurant in our neighborhood, Enio’s. We chose not to ‘Map & Menu’ (yes, it’s become a verb in our house) our first meal there, but we look forward to heading back with our camera in the near future.

Saturday morning we decided to head up to my family’s farm in Wiscasset for the night. This meant, plenty of walks in the field & woods with Orvis, lunches at Treats, shopping at Rock Paper Scissors, and antiquing. A trip to Wiscasset for us also means the opportunity to head further up the coast to the food haven that is the Camden/Rockland/Belfast area. On this trip, we decided to try Suzuki’s Sushi for dinner and Boynton-McKay for breakfast – both, which we’ll share more of this week, lived up to their reputations! We’re making plans to head back up the coast as soon as we can to try the other must-visit restaurants on our list, but I know we’ll be hard-pressed not to visit either of these two restaurants the next time we’re in the area.

Hopefully you all enjoyed some good food and/or a bit of relaxing this weekend as well!

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  1. mmm, i love boynton mckays! and i’ve never been able to make it to suzuki’s – since they’re open for dinner, and i’m always there for lunch. looking forward to your review.

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