A Map & Menu Weekend: 05.31-06.02

Freeport Maine Sunset

What a weekend! Michael & I enjoyed a low-key evening at home on Friday night with Orvis, sipping wine and reading on the blanket in our backyard. The next day while I was in Camden for a wedding, Michael met his college roommate and her husband who were visiting Maine from North Carolina for brunch at Local. Drinks on the patio with friends from the neighborhood became necessary in order to survive the weekend’s heat wave… or so I’m told. Meanwhile, I managed to stop by a new cafe in Rockport (more to come very soon!) on the way to my wedding. The next day two of our friends brought their dog over for a puppy play date with Orvis while we all enjoyed some ice cream from Scoops.

We capped off an already wonderful weekend with one of the most extraordinary ways to spend a summer weekend in Maine – on a boat! Our friends, Brook and Daniel, were so kind to invite us to spend the evening with them on Brook’s father’s boat. We made our way over to the Chebeague Island Inn (read more about the inn from our 2012 stay there!) for drinks & appetizers on the inn’s cozy wraparound porch, and as if the day wasn’t perfect enough, we were treated to an extra lovely sunset on the ride back over to the mainland. The whole experience was just incredible!

I’m pretty sure the next few weekends are going to pale in comparison to this one – we were completely spoiled to be treated to such a fun-filled, adventurous few days. We hope you all had a chance to partake in something extra enjoyable this weekend!

The William Hand

Chebeague Island Inn

Appetizers at Chebeague

Sailing to Chebeague

South Freeport Sunset

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  1. Definitely sounds like a perfect weekend! I stupidly wasted all the nice weather writing report cards this weekend hoping I could enjoy next weekend- but now it’s supposed to rain. Shoot!

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