A Map & Menu Weekend: 10.19-10.21

UNC Mangum Dorm

Michael, Orvis, and I returned home late last night from another road trip to North Carolina. This one was a bit of a whirlwind, as we left on Thursday afternoon, continued driving on Friday, shot a wedding on Saturday, and made the entire trip back up to Maine yesterday! Even though we spent a lot of time in the car over the past few days, we had a wonderful trip. On Sunday we enjoyed a beautiful fall day in Chapel Hill, visiting some of our favorite spots and walking around the very campus where we met. We even had the opportunity to see some family and spend an evening with dear friends before we had to leave Monday morning. We are happy to be back in Maine though and plan to soak up every bit of fall in New England that we possibly can!

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3 thoughts on “A Map & Menu Weekend: 10.19-10.21

  1. Pax is a cute little bug.
    i love the krispy cream hat and the model !! i know michael enjoyed the donuts.

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