A Map & Menu Weekend: 11.02-11.04

Bayside Trail 5k

Another quick one, but another fun one. Meredith and I did a good bit of yard work on Saturday and then had a fun-filled Sunday. The three of us kicked our Sunday fun day off with what has become a yearly tradition – the Bayside Trail dog-friendly 5k – and then rewarded ourselves with an anything but petite brunch from Petite Jacqueline! Afterwards, we took a stroll through the Old Port, stopping for some Bard white hot chocolate, and a quick visit to the freezers at Paciarino for dinner. We capped the day off with a nice giant dose of cuteness as our good friends Courtney and Michael became the proud new parents of a 10 week old newfie-lab mix puppy. Griffon is an insane 11 on the cute scale.

Sometimes life definitely feels like a blur, but it’s weekends like these that seem to bring things back into perspective and remind us why we put up with all the crazy.

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