Betsy’s Crepes

Betsy's Crepes Southern Pines

As part of our big road trip, we decided to stay at my family’s home in Southern Pines, NC as a way to break up the trip before we drove further south to Palmetto Bluff. We joined my parents for breakfast at the creperie downtown, Betsy’s Crepes. This delightful cafe was not open when I was living in Southern Pines myself, but since its opening sometime right after I graduated from Carolina, I’ve been a few times and have absolutely loved it! Betsy’s recently moved buildings, merely across the train tracks that divide the quintessential downtown area of Southern Pines. The new location is perfect- both in size and decor, and was actually home to the old bakery where I used to work while I was in high school.

We enjoyed catching up with my family in the open, sunny cafe, and once our food came (and I took the necessary photos) we dug right in! My asparagus, pineapple, ham, and apple crepe was the perfect blend of sweet & savory that I often crave. Michael’s ‘Popeye’ crepe, made of eggs, bacon, spinach, and cheese sounded delicious (and by his smile, must have tasted that way too). Across the table, my parents seemed to enjoy their crepes (a strawberry french toast and a Western omelette variety) just as much as we did. They’re looking forward to frequenting the new location even more now, especially when they have out of town guests visiting. I know this particular out of town guest will continue to stop by whenever she’s in town . . .

Betsy's Crepes

Betsy's Crepes

Betsy's Crepes Southern Pines NC

4 thoughts on “Betsy’s Crepes

  1. oh my goodness, i didn’t know about this establishment! i’ll have to try it next time i’m home. most of the time i just make sure i can stop at sweet basil’s… yum yum.

  2. Love the photos of the new location! I can say from experience that these crepes are AWESOME! It’s on our “must do” list whenever we visit Southern Pines!

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