Birthday at the Farm


Our Christmas celebrations this year were just as we prefer – low key & delicious. We took the opportunity to enjoy some tasty meals and catch up with some of our favorite people, but the highlight of our week was celebrating Orvis’s 8th birthday the day after Christmas. We began the festivities with a family run that ended at the beach and then hopped in the car to head up to the birthday boy’s favorite spot – our family’s farm in Wiscasset. We spent the rest of the day walking the property with Orvis and playing fetch with him, before taking a stroll around town.

With each year that passes, we realize how absolutely amazing our time has been with Orvis, and become sadly more aware of the finite amount of time that remains. Taking a full day to celebrate him – doing the things he loves most – fills our hearts with happiness, and we have to admit that after watching him gallop around the farm, he seemed more like an 8-month old puppy than the adult dog he is.




2 thoughts on “Birthday at the Farm

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Orvis!! :)
    Our Ben is Eight too and so I am right there with you in your feelings but thank Goodness they are both in good health for now (touch wood) and have had lives where they are just given oh so much love.

  2. Hi guys! I’m just catching up on the blog and just wanted to say how incredibly sweet this is! I’m sad to say we’ve never celebrated Bode’s birthday all day long–usually just a doggie ice cream or some new treats–but hopefully this summer he can spend a whole day on the beach on July 27th. I hope you’re all well and happy belated, Orvis! xoxo

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