Black Bottle

Manhattan Cocktail

After our shoot, Ashley & Patrick, two of my September wedding clients, took Allison & I to one of their favorite restaurants downtown, Black Bottle. We were all looking forward to treating ourselves to a cocktail and some delicious food after the shoot and a day of exploring the city before that!

Black Bottle, located in the heart of the city in the Belltown neighborhood, has the atmosphere of many of my favorite urban restaurants – loud, but in that good, bustling-life kind of way, an upbeat ambiance, and an elbow-to-elbow bar.

I ordered the Throwback Manhattan, which was so delicious that I most definitely credit it for my current Manhattan kick, weeks later. We all ordered two or so dishes each, and shared many of them.  Every last one was delicious. I particularly enjoyed my roasted tomato caprese and grilled portobello & butter bean salad. Of course, Allison’s steamed clams were too fun not to photograph!

All in all, Black Bottle was the perfect Saturday night meal to enjoy with good friends in a fun new city.

Black Bottle Seattle

Caprese at Black Bottle

Steamed Clams at Black Bottle

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