Blanche & Mimi

Blanche and Mimi

There are a handful of shops in the Old Port that Michael and I visit nearly every single time we’re out and about downtown, and Blanche & Mimi is one of them. Located on Middle Street right in the heart of the Old Port, Blanche & Mimi is home to one of the finest collections of vintage and new home accessories in town. Several of the most treasured items around our home were found at Blanche & Mimi, and it’s always one of the first places to visit on our list when we’re looking for the perfect gift.

Since many of our friends and two of our sisters started having children in the last couple of years, Blanche & Mimi is also our go-to shop for baby gifts as well. The back of the store is dedicated to all things baby and filled with the most darling baby clothes, sweet & snuggly stuffed animals, and children’s toys & accessories. On more than one occasion, when Michael and I have been stumped as to what to buy for our niece or nephew, the girls at Blanche & Mimi make the perfect recommendation that in turn make our sisters smile from ear to ear!

Since returning home from France, I’ve noticed how much I’ve come to appreciate the eye of owner, Hilary Sinauer, and her ability to source such a splendidly unique collection of goods. Browsing the selection at Blanche and Mimi is the closest experience I’ve had at home to our afternoon of antiquing in ‪L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.

Lately we’ve noticed how often Hilary seems to add new items to the shop. We’ve visited on three different occasions in the last five or six weeks, and each time we’ve been in, Michael and I have noticed how many new objects were added since our last visit. This makes stopping in the shop an absolute must whenever I find myself in the Old Port, and I strongly suggest you do the same the next time you’re in town!

Blanche and Mimi Portland

Candles at Blanche and Mimi

Blanche at Mimi Portland Maine

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Blanche and Mimi Portland ME Shops

Matches at Blanche and Mimi

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  1. I will not be able to visit anytime soon, which makes me sad. I wish I could shop on line. Any chance of that in the near future?

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