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When planning trips to bigger cities like New York or Washington D.C., I watch our favorite travel flash sale sites (Jetsetter, Tablet, SniqueAway, Vacationist, etc.) like a hawk. We’ve written time and time again about the great deals we receive on these websites – seriously, we don’t book a room without at least checking… and re-checking. Luckily for us, Tablet was running a great sale on a stay at the Chambers Hotel in midtown while we were researching options for New York. The dates lined up and given that we were traveling during the holiday season, we thought that a hotel in midtown would be extra fun because of all the festive cheer in the area!

All 77 of the rooms at the Chambers Hotel were designed with artsists’ lofts in mind, and each room contains a few pieces of original art. In fact, there are over 500 works on display throughout the hotel!

A stay at Chambers is honestly not complete without grabbing a bite to eat at least one of the Momofuku establishments right inside the hotel. (You know us – we tried both!) We visited David Chang’s Má Pêche twice during our short stay – once for lunch and once for drinks with friends. It didn’t take us long to pop into the Momofuku Milk Bar either – after Saturday night’s dinner, we grabbed dessert, a Compost Cookie & a slice of Candy Bar Pie, to take up to the room with us!

We’d recommend looking into staying at Chambers to any of our friends and blog readers alike. The food, the art, and the location cannot be beat!

Chambers Hotel NY

Chambers Hotel

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Chambers Hotel NYC Room

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