Clifton Inn

Clifton Inn

Michael & I had been planning a quick getaway with Orvis to Charlottesville, VA as a way to break up the drive from North Carolina to Maine this week. Unfortunately, Michael’s work schedule became a little hectic just before we were supposed to leave last week and I ended up making the trip down south alone. To avoid the traffic in cities like New York and Washington D.C., I decided to take the scenic, westerly route down to North Carolina, which takes you through the Shenandoah Valley, and after spending 13 hours on the road, I decided to treat myself to a stop in Charlottesville.

The original plan was for the three of us to stay at Clifton Inn, as they allow dogs on the property. Even though Michael & Orvis couldn’t join me, I decided to visit Clifton anyways. What better way to pamper myself after such a long journey? I called from the road in Maryland to make a reservation, and because of the last minute nature of my mid-week request, I even received an upgrade to one of the inn’s lovely and spacious suites!

Although my stay at Clifton was wonderful, the drive through the Shenandoah Valley just before sunset was certainly an added perk! Driving through such a breathtakingly beautiful area during my favorite time of day was something I’ll never forget. The rolling, bright green hills, the pastel sky, the charming little towns – I found myself planning our return trip before I’d even arrived in Charlottesville!

By the time I arrived at Clifton, the sun had set but I was still thrilled to be there. After I settled into my suite, I sent Michael snapshots of my room, knowing he’d be green with envy about my accommodations for the night! I can honestly say, I had one of the best nights of sleep I’ve had in awhile at Clifton – the bed was heavenly. In the morning I took a walk around the gorgeous property, and even spotted a deer on the lakeside trail. (Really, how idyllic does that sound?) I enjoyed a delicious breakfast on the verandah of the main house and continued exploring the grounds. Before I had to get on the road again, I took a moment to do a little reading on the porch, simply to postpone my inevitable departure.

I know I say this often when I travel without Michael, but I really do look forward to planning another (much longer!) trip to Clifton to share the inn with both Michael & Orvis. I’ve already inquired as to which of the rooms are dog-friendly, and I have a lengthy list of places we need to see and restaurants we need to try in Charlottesville! All we have to do now is find the time!

Clifton Inn Restaurant

Clifton Inn Charlottesville VA

Clifton Charlottesville

Clifton Inn Charlottesville

Clifton Blue Ridge Suite

Clifton Inn Suite Photos

Clifton Suite

Clifton Inn Suites

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8 thoughts on “Clifton Inn

  1. this is another location that will cause me to “paws” on my trip with Mason to NC. so far you have introduced me to the most amazing places to stay, eat and shop…just love this site.

  2. Clifton Inn looks lovely! I was born in Charlottesville but havent been back there in years! Your post might be the inspiration I needed to book the trip! And how nice that Wilson can join us :) Hope you’re well! Thanks for sharing all your travel wisdom!!

  3. Wow- the Clifton Inn is gorgeous and I’m thrilled to learn of it! One of my closest friends lives in Charlottesville and she just had a baby. We’ve been making A LOT of trips down there to see her and another one is in order… After seeing this place – I’m ready to hit the road! No doubt this is where Aaron & I will stay!

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