Day Trip: Jamestown, RI

Dels Frozen Lemonade

It’s hard to believe we never shared the photos we took from our summer day trip to Rhode Island. Or the day we jokingly refer to as “that time we drove down to Rhode Island for frozen lemonade.” Yes, it’s true. We’re those people who would willingly spend six hours in the car for – albeit, the best – frozen lemonade, but as it turns out, lemonade ended up being just a small part of this fun road trip.

Backing up a bit, we’re clearly more than a little in love with the Rhode Island institution, Del’s Frozen Lemonade. We first fell hard for Del’s back in college, when we used to get cups of this sweet lemonade at football games in Kenan Stadium. (It didn’t take Michael long to realize that the lemonade was pretty much the only reason I attended those games with him.) When we moved to New England and began visiting Rhode Island for work every now and again, our obsession with the frozen lemonade brand only grew. This past summer on a particularly warm day, and a couple of seasons since our last trip to Rhode Island, I exclaimed how much I was craving a cup (or two) of Del’s, so we vowed to plan a lemonade-centric trip down to Rhode Island before summer’s end.

We did a little research, and in addition to feasting on the long overdue lemonade, we decided that we’d also stop off at a couple of parks along the way, pick up some tasty tacos, and walk the charming streets of Jamestown in order to really make a day of it. Orvis loved swimming at Fort Wetherill and Beavertail state parks, and I totally geeked out as we traversed our way through a couple of the Moonrise Kingdom filming locations.

Tallulah’s Tacos at the Shack at Dutch Harbor turned out to be an amazing find on the trip, and eased any guilt we were feeling about the extravagance of driving down to Rhode Island for only frozen lemonade. A long drive for lemonade and tacos is a perfectly acceptable adult thing to do, right?

The Del’s was just as good as we’d remembered, if not better. Part of me was wondering if we’d built it up a bit and that we’d be disappointed, but it was so tasty and refreshing that hot summer day, we may or may not have stopped off at another location for round two on our way out of town. When in Rhode Island, right?

The Shack Tacos Jamestown

Beavertail State Park RI

Jamestown RI


Beavertail State Park RI

Beavertail State Park RI

Beavertail State Park RI

Michael and Meredith in Rhode Island

Photos by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu. 

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