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Elliott Bay Book Shop

When I began thinking about what to do during my time in Seattle, I asked a few friends who’d either lived in Seattle or visited several times, and they each said that I needed to stop by Elliott Bay Book Co. After walking in the shop, I now understood why three different people recommended the bookstore to me. First of all, the space itself is gorgeous- well lit, warm, and inviting. It was, hands down, one of the most beautiful bookstores I’ve ever remembered visiting.

Not only is the space gorgeous, the shop is filled with the best selection of books. Had I more space in my carry-on bag, I would have walked out with no less than six titles! I was pleased to find out in addition to having an online shop, they’ll ship your in-store purchases anywhere in the country. I was floored to see a photography book my local shop couldn’t locate for me after several weeks of trying, so I came home and ordered it from Elliott Bay’s online shop. Too perfect, right?

Elliott Bay Book Company

Elliott Bay Book Co

Elliott Bay Books


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