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It’s definitely the holiday season – homes are decorated, presents are getting wrapped, TV specials are being queued up, and in Maine at least, we have quite a bit of snow on the ground. This year, we thought we’d share a few of our own favorite signs and traditions of the holidays. What are some of yours?


Michael: The James Taylor Christmas Album
Meredith: Ella (Fitzgerald) Wishes You a Swinging Christmas


Michael: Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
Meredith: Love Actually & Holiday Inn.


Michael: Every year for Christmas, my family gets together a few days before Christmas Eve to make pierogi, a tradition from my mother’s Polish side of the family. After an evening of rolling, boiling, and cooking, you really appreciate those pierogi on Christmas Eve.
Meredith: We make seafood for Christmas Eve, and the mussels from that meal are my favorite of the holiday.


Michael: Apple cider with a little bourbon.
Meredith: Egg nog!


Michael: Russian Tea Cookies or anything with icing on top.
Meredith: Spritz cookies.


Michael: There’s something so enjoyable about hunting for, finding, and cutting down your very own Christmas tree.
Meredith: Opening pajamas on Christmas Eve!


Meredith & Michael: After years of spending the Christmas holiday with our families in North Carolina, we were treated to a snowy first Christmas in Maine last year, which made the day that much more special.


Michael: Our new bottle brush polar bear ornament that reminds us of our favorite black bear, Orvis.
Meredith: The magnolia leaves we brought back from North Carolina on our mantel.

Christmas Card Holder

Donkey Ornament

Polar Bear Ornament

Reindeer Stocking Holders

Magnolia Christmas Decorations

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