Inn Dog: Maisy

Maisy the Pitcher Inn Dog

As we finish out this week on a high note with some gorgeous weather in Maine, we just wanted to quickly share one last part of our trip to Vermont and the Pitcher Inn that made the stay so unforgettable – their inn-dog-in-training, Maisy. When we don’t travel with Orvis, one of Meredith and my favorite parts of any trip is meeting an inn dog to take the sting away of not being with our own furry friend. So although Orvis loved meeting and walking with Maisy around Warren, we know that this beautiful golden retriever will bring plenty of smiles to many travelers for years to come.

Pitcher Inn Dog Friendly

Maisy Pitcher Inn Dog

Maisy and Ari

Inn Dog Maisy the Golden Retriever

Pitcher Inn Vermont Dog Friendly

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu and the Pitcher Inn.

2 thoughts on “Inn Dog: Maisy

  1. She is so beautiful. I would really like a Goldie. We have a working cocker spaniel at the moment who keeps our hands full!

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