Isle of Springs

Isle of Springs

Last week, we spent an amazing day on one of the most delightful places we’ve visited in Maine – Isle of Springs. Over the past few years, Meredith has had multiple photo shoots on and around the island, but until our friends from North Carolina, John and Emily, invited us to their family home on the island, I’d never had the chance to see what all the fuss was about. Simply put, it was amazing.

The weather was gorgeous and the island was more Maine-ly picturesque than one could imagine. Our hosts were both welcoming & accommodating, taking us on a guided walk around the island and boat ride through Sheepscot Bay and into Boothbay Harbor, and spending the evening entertaining us with great stories and tasty food. By the time we pulled back into our driveway late that evening, we were completely spent from the day we’d left behind, and collapsed into bed, dreaming about future trips to the island.

A special thanks goes out to Emily, John, and the rest of the Ayer family for the unmatched memories.

Isle of Springs Sawyer Island

Michael D. Cain

Sawyer Island Maine

Midcoast Maine

Isle of Springs Ferns

Isle of Springs Woods

Isle of Springs Maine

7 thoughts on “Isle of Springs

  1. Hooray! So fun to relive our day through your lens, and so glad you loved our special place as much as we do! Already looking forward to next year.

  2. So fun to have had you both! Lovely to see the island through other people’s eyes! Remember, even if Em and John aren’t there, you are always welcome :)

  3. Fabulous pictures! My bf’s family has had a home on Isle of springs for over 100 years…love it! Glad you had a blast…any chance you wouldn’t mind sharing some of your pics w me? I always seem to miss the best photo opportunities! Thanks a mill. Ash

    1. in the 20’s my mother, jean blair, Winthrop,ma, and parents spent their summer vacations on the isle of springs, her dad would drive up every weekend from boston,david blair dolan

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