Life Lately: March

Trundy Point

It almost seems as though we’ve dropped off the face of the earth, hasn’t it? There’s not that much new going on around these parts, mostly because we’ve both had the flu for the better part of two weeks now. Our renovation project was chugging right along for a bit (the plumbing in the bathroom is now hooked back up!) until Michael left for California in late March. The flu hit me first and then unfortunately I passed it along to Michael when he returned. We’re slowly getting back into our work routines and of course, this project of ours.

Here are some snippets of our life lately, according to the latest photos from my camera – except for the Big Sur snapshots below, that is.

1. Big Little Lies
Sick on the couch while Michael was in California, I was consumed by this show. I finished the first six episodes in one weekend and then proceeded to watch most of them again with Michael when he returned. I even went so far as to read the book (in less than 24 hours) this past week before the finale aired on Sunday. The shots of Big Sur, Carmel, and Monterey have me yearning for another trip to California, and have inspired me to finally write a post from last spring’s trip to Big Sur. And I can’t forget the amazing soundtrack, which I played on repeat all day long yesterday.

Bixby Bridge

Big Sur California Travel Guide by Map & Menu


Big Sur

2. Shoot with Chloe May Brown
I had the pleasure of shooting local artist, Chloe May Brown, at work in her Portland studio for an upcoming Q&A. I cannot wait to share this peek into her life and workspace – she is a true inspiration.

Chloe Mae Brown Ceramics

Chloe Mae Brown Studio

Chloe Mae Brown

3. Dogs!
During the most stressful part of the renovation, we agreed to watch my family’s two dogs for a few days. They couldn’t be better houseguests, but three dogs in an already tiny home, a good quarter of which was lost to construction, was a challenge, to say the least. It’s a good thing they’re so cute!

Orvis and Mason

Tundy Pt


4. Bathroom & Laundry Room Update
The bathroom is fully functional these days, we just need to make a few final updates here and there before it is officially complete. The laundry room took a back seat to the bathroom and is a couple weeks behind it in progress, since we currently have an entirely separate (working) laundry room. The herringbone slate tile has been sealed and we’ll grout today. After the trim goes up and we finish trimming-out the closet, the final steps should be pretty simple. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

Hidden Message

Marble Hex Tiles

Michael Tiling

5. UNC!
And last but definitely not least, we’re all very pleased about last night’s National Championship win – Orvis, especially. It certainly is a great day to be a Tar Heel.


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