A Map & Menu Weekend: 01.17-01.19

Whiskey Sour

Michael spent the better part of last week in Phoenix for work and didn’t get home until last night, so Orvis and I had the weekend to ourselves. An impromptu lunch with my mother at Frontier Cafe in Brunswick on Friday has had me daydreaming about their Thai Green Curry ever since I finished the last bite – so good! On Saturday, after a snowy walk with Orvis, I attended a yoga workshop at Lila that left me feeling refreshed and ready to experiment in the kitchen when I came home, so I whipped up almond butter cookies & a lentil salad for dinner, both from this cookbook. As the snow continued to fall through midday yesterday, I spent as much time as I could cozied up on the couch with a book and saffron whiskey sour (or two) as Orvis napped at my feet. All in all, not too bad of a weekend without the third member of our happy little family.

Thai Green Curry Frontier Cafe

Snowy Sunday

Orvis Begging


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    1. Sarah, you have great timing! My mother let me borrow her copy of The Art Forger this week. I’m even more excited to begin the book now!

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