A Map & Menu Weekend: 01.31-02.02


Michael was traveling again for work last week, so Orvis and I stuck close to home for the majority of the week. I finally ventured out on Friday to take some photos at Central Provisions (which, for the record, is going to be amazing and opens tomorrow!) and to meet friends, Brook & Daniel, for drinks at Hunt & Alpine. I spent the remainder of the weekend catching up on a bit of work, playing on the beach with Orvis, sprucing up the house with some bright blue anemones, and finishing a book that consumed my every thought when I wasn’t reading it – The Goldfinch. A truly captivating novel that I highly recommend!

Hope your week is off to a great start, friends!

Central Provisions

Keiler's Fortune Hunt & Alpine

Blue Anemone  Fetch

Orvis and Meredith

Photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

4 thoughts on “A Map & Menu Weekend: 01.31-02.02

  1. I spent the entire weekend reading the same book! Love your blog and recently enjoyed a lovely dinner at Schulte and Herr thanks to your nice review.

    1. Thanks for your super sweet comment, Katie! The Goldfinch & Schulte & Herr make for a pretty great week, don’t they?

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