A Map & Menu Weekend: 02.14-02.16

Portland Hunt & Alpine Popcorn

Michael and I tend to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a low-key manner. We prefer to cook a fun meal, open a bottle of wine, and spend the evening without the normal distractions of life. This year, we added something new to the usual routine – drinks and snacks at Hunt & Alpine! We spent Friday evening sampling some delicious drinks, snacking on our favorite popcorn and deviled eggs, and chatting with our friend, Anestes, who ended up taking us to the opening of the Sweetgrass Farm Winery tasting room around the corner. After sampling some of their wines & Back River Gin (yum!) we walked out with a bottle of their Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract and headed home to continue our traditional laid-back Valentine’s celebration with Orvis.

After hearing about the weekend pizza nights at 158 from several friends, we couldn’t wait to give it a shot on Saturday evening. Armed with the remainder of our bottle of Scribe we’d opened the night before, we ventured out in the snow eager to eat some delicious pizza. (More on that coming soon!)

We spent the rest of the weekend catching up on work, reading, cooking chili, and taking long walks with Orvis – an ordinary weekend at home that was still rather extraordinary.

Portland Hunt & Alpine

Sweetgrass Winery Vanilla Extract

Map & Menu Weekend

158 Pickett Street

Photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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