A Map & Menu Weekend: 03.15-03.16


The very best part of returning home from any trip – no matter the length – is picking up Orvis from camp. Traveling without him is never easy on us – we’re constantly wondering what he’s up to while we’re away, but seeing his face after a weekend (or week!) away is easily the highlight of the entire trip. I returned home a day early from our trip to Atlanta (where Michael spoke at WordCamp ATL!) and picked up Orvis by myself. After his first bath experience at the dog shop down the street from our house, I started the post-travel spoil routine: lots & lots of treats, some dog yogurt, and plenty of time outside. There might have even been some Sunday morning cuddling on the bed, which is technically not allowed at our house, but something I couldn’t resist after admiring how clean he was… oops!

We have lots more to share about our time in Atlanta, including a peek at one of our newest favorite bed & breakfasts and the low-down on the very best (!) hushpuppies I’ve ever tasted… Check back tomorrow for the first of our Atlanta posts and don’t forget that you can keep up with our adventures on instagram!


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