A Map & Menu Weekend: 03.21-03.23

Baby Lamb

This past weekend seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye! On Friday night we cheered on the Tarheels with our friend Julia, a fellow Carolina alum living in Maine, and eagerly made plans for the following NCAA tournament game on Sunday. The following morning we attended our first spinning class at Rêve which proved to be a great workout and made us feel not nearly as guilty for ordering popcorn at that afternoon’s showing of The Monuments Men. Sunday morning was spent reading the paper and indulging in treats from our neighborhood bakery before I left for Freeport with Orvis and our friend Betsy, to go visit the lambs at Wolfe’s Neck Farm. Watching them gnaw on the wood of the barn and sleep with each other in a pile was too much fun, but seeing Orvis share nose kisses with both a lamb and a sheep was definitely the highlight of our visit! Plenty more college basketball was watched on Sunday evening and after the Tarheels sadly lost their second round game, we decided to drown our sorrows in our favorite takeout from Empire – kale noodles & dumplings.

We hope you all had a wonderful first weekend of spring… even if the weather was less than spring-like for some of us!

Lazy Sunday Morning

Wolfe's Neck

Orvis and a Sheep

Lambs at Wolfes Neck

Wolfe's Neck Farm Lambs

Wolfe's Neck Sheep

Hark the Sound Old Try

Photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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