A Map & Menu Weekend: 10.03-10.05

Popham Beach

This past weekend has me so excited about our future fall adventures! It was just the right balance of work, relaxing, and because it’s us, eating, all capped off with a beautiful night on a beach.

After taking a few days off mid-week to travel to North Haven, we took advantage of the rainy weather on Saturday and got some work done before we made the quick trip down to Biddeford for lunch at Palace. We finally tried the Tuna Melt that our friends (and others) have been raving about for months now and also the double cheeseburger ‘royale’ that is equally amazing. No trip to Biddeford is complete without a stop by Rabelais, which is always accompanied by a fascinating and enlightening conversation with the owner, Don. We picked up a couple of new books on his recommendation and headed back home to settle in for an afternoon of reading on the couch.

We had every intention of visiting Popham Beach this summer, but time got the best of us, and we just never got around to it. Waiting proved to be beneficial for us though, as dogs are now allowed back on the state park beaches. Yesterday was much too lovely to be spent doing anything but soaking up the sunshine, so we packed a picnic dinner and headed up to Phippsburg with Orvis. How we’ve lived in Maine six years and not visited Popham until yesterday is beyond me – it might be a new favorite of ours, especially in the quieter off-season. More to come on that in a future post!

Hopefully you all had a splendid fall weekend as well. And thank you, all of you, so much for your sweet support over last week’s print shop announcement. It means so much to us!

Palace Diner Biddeford

Palace Diner Tuna Melt




Picnic at Popham Beach

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