A Map & Menu Weekend: 11.1-11.3

Orvis on Little Beach

Each year that we’ve lived in Maine, we’ve been fortunate to find that as fall fades to winter, there always seems be one last burst of warmer weather. We’ve come to savor these Indian Summers, and late last week turned into one of my favorites yet. In the few brief days of sun and unusual warmth, we crammed in as much time outside as possible. We enjoyed brunch in town, spent time in the yard with Orvis, grilled out, enjoyed meals on the patio, and went on numerous neighborhood walks to Orvis’s favorite secret beach. Even after the warm spell snapped, we kept the awesome weekend going with our favorite local dog-friendly race, the Bayside Trail 5k. This year, we were joined by a number of friends that bravely faced the cold wind, and afterwards, treated ourselves to some of the delicious treats served up by the Urban Sugar food truck (hopefully we’ll be returning for Map & Menu in the very near future).┬áNow, as the colder weather begins to become standard, we’re turning our eyes toward planning winter adventures and looking forward to all of the fun yet another season will bring.

Side note: While reading about Indian Summers, I saw a reference to its British equivalent – All-Hallows Summer – which seemed fitting given that the warm air blew in this year on Halloween.

Sills Brunch Portland ME


Orvis and Michael

Fall in South Portland

Bayside Trail 5K

4 thoughts on “A Map & Menu Weekend: 11.1-11.3

    1. Thanks for the comment, Holly! We’re happy to hear that the warm weather reached other parts of the northeast too. It’s hard to believe we’ll have snow on the ground soon!

  1. We have had nothing BUT warm weather and now, don’t hate me but we are all a little ready for things to cool down! Sweaters, boots, eating choucroute! :) And honestly? I think that I would be willing to fly to Maine to eat that eggie concoction…Whew. Somehow no matter how I try, I can never get American brunch food right here…*le sigh*

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