A Map & Menu Weekend: 28.27-03.01

Snowshoeing at Marianmade Farm

This weekend was a pleasant mixture of work and play. We spent most of Saturday re-plastering and repainting our upstairs bathroom, and then Sunday morning, after a filling breakfast of Michael’s delicious pancakes, we were right back at it.

Needing a little break from the work, we decided to head up to Wiscasset to go snowshoeing with Orvis on Sunday afternoon. Our friend, Julia, joined us and together we¬†explored the land around my family’s farm, attempted (and failed) to make our own sledding trails, and swapped stories by the fireplace. Since Julia had run a race that morning, we made sure to bring along a special treat for her from Scratch¬†– a cupcake inspired by the Samoa (or Caramel deLite if you’re like Michael) Girl Scout cookie!

Girl Scout Cookie Samoa Cupcake

Wiscasset Maine

Snow Tracks

Sheepscot River Maine

Snowshoeing in Maine


All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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