Orvis at Woodstock Inn

So, we pretty much disappeared from the site for these last few weeks, but I promise we have a really great excuse…

Michael and I got married last weekend, on the day of our ninth anniversary as a couple, and in the middle of a nor’easter! It might not be the newest of news to those of you who follow us on Instagram, but we couldn’t possibly be any happier, and will certainly be sharing more details with you all once we have some photos. The ceremony was very small – there were only five people (including us) and Orvis (obviously) – and not many people beyond our families and close friends knew beforehand. The secret nature of the whole thing made it almost feel even more exciting, if that makes any sense.

A week later, we’re still overwhelmed by all the love and support we were shown from our family and friends last week, and can’t stop ourselves from smiling every time we take a look at our wedding bands. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, stay tuned as we have quite a bit of content lined up for the next few weeks – including photos from our impromptu post-wedding getaway to Woodstock, VT!

18 thoughts on “Married!

  1. In one sense, it doesn’t change anything, in another it changes everything. Congratulations from a couple who’ve celebrated 38 years. Just remember to laugh together every day. This post did make our day. Hope to run into you two (sorry Otis, make that three) again soon.

  2. As I wrote on ig, I am so thrilled for you both. In France, we would call you “un vrai couple” – a real couple in the best sense. You were already that before the wedding…now it is just official. :)

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